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Social Media Gurus -vs- Digital Marketers: Gurus Your Days Are Numbered!

Gurus vs Digital Marketers
It has been a few years now of companies venturing into the social media marketing space by way of different online channels. The past few years have been a huge transition by individuals and companies from utilizing traditional marketing almost exclusively, to venturing into the online marketing space.  This transition has been filled with growing pains i’m sure and although the transition has not been seamless, it is progressing.

At one time It seemed as if companies just didn’t get it, that they really didn’t understand the importance of the online presence. The transition from what was once was exlusively traditional marketing to mostly digital and now a bit of a fusion between the two is lending itself to a willingness by organizations, to embrace this new era of marketing.

Two years ago there was a huge avenue for people to present themselves as SOCIAL MEDIA GURUS to the unsuspecting organization that felt a bit of urgency to run head first into the online marketing space. Now that some have done that and are experiencing it, they are now realizing that working with a Social Media Guru is just not enough. This is primarily because it’s NOT just about social media, it is about Digital Marketing which is a much more diverse combination of Internet strategies.  Exclusively utilizing JUST social media is like using only print catalogs in traditional marketing, it is just NOT enough.  This is the same philosophy that has to be embraced when thinking of Digital Marketing, utilizing JUST social media is just not enough.

At one time it was ok to utilize some traditional marketing and have a website.  Now a fusion of those strategies mixed with social media is making way for the Digital Marketer, which utilizes a combination of these strategies and more to create a total online /offline fusion that will move brands beyond the single dimension of just traditional marketing or just social media.

In 2013 the Digital Marketer will be more in demand that ever, because progressive companies have realized the importance of having marketers that skill sets embrace all digital strategies not just certain aspects of an online presence. Some tradition web design purist haven’t embraced social media integration  and are stuck in what they have learned in a traditional sense. Additionally some social media gurus have not moved past just posting information to social media channels.  However, there are some web designers and social media marketers that HAVE embraced both and those are the Digital Marketer that will be in demand in 2013 and beyond.

Ultimately the goal as a Digital Marketer is to bring value to your clients, customers and employers. This will not be done by any of the following:

  • Tagging 100+ people on Facebook everyday to boost your Klout score. Your employer, client and or potential client/employer probably could give a rats you know what about your score. Most employers or clients don’t even know what Klout is or what is involved with the scoring process.  Do you even know?
  • Connecting to random influencers and NOT becoming an influencer yourself. Your influencer is an influencer for a reason. You will make out better trying to analyze what they are doing right and emulate them.
  • Posting 1000 pictures every day of random things. Although these photos may be beautiful, if this is ALL you do, how can that contribute to the value of your potential employer, client or customer? Or put you in a position to gain customers, clients or find employment in  the Digital Marketing Space?

The goal in this increasingly savvy digital marketing space, should be to provide services of value to potential and current employers and clients to increase their brand exposure, place them in a position to interact with THEIR current clients/potential clients and increase their chances of increasing revenue. This will involve YOU doing NONE of  the above bulleted points but WILL involve you creating custom strategies for potential employers and clients in which to accomplish these goals. The lack of ability to do this WILL separate the Gurus from the Digital Marketers, that are really on their game.

As we move forward in the Digital Marketing space we have to be willing to continue to grow and embrace new technologies that provide added value to clients, potential clients and employers. It has been an amazing few years in this space that is continuing to grow at an amazing rate of speed. 2013 will be the the year of many exciting changes to the people that are on their Digital Marketing game and challenges to those that are not on their game. Either way, get ready because I have a feeling its going to be a helluva ride!

If you have comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent I can be contacted by subscribing to my Facebook public updates or finding me on Twitter!  I shall see you soon, I’m sure!

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Is It Irresponsible For Colleges To Continue To PUSH Traditional Marketing As A Major?

Marketing Degree


We are at a transitional period with technology and things are changing very quickly. It is quite amazing to be aware and involved with this transition from what is considered a traditional means of advertising and marketing to the very technology focused era of digital marketing.


I remember when the Internet initially became mainstream, it was a very exciting time as a technology user to be involved.  I remembered thinking how cool it would be to be involved with technology from the inside, as a person actually driving the growth of the technology.


The first boom of technology really put us in a position to see such growth in this field. It was so very different than what is online now; it is quite amazing how things have grown and how quickly they have grown.  The Internet initially was VERY text driven and basic. I you go to a website called the Wayback Machine you can actually see how your favorite website displayed during the first boom of the Internet. You will be quite amazed at the changes and growth of technology in a relatively short period of time.


A few years ago I decided to go back to school after returning ten years previously to get my Bachelors Degree in Business. This time I decided to get a Graduate Degree in Internet Marketing and this was driven by my need to be a part of the evolution of technolgy.  When I started doing my research online every search produced Full Sail University as the only option that taught everything thing that I was interested in learning. They were very cutting edge and differed from any other University that I’ve ever seen with their platform and coursework. So of course Full Sail was the option for me.


After spending so much time in traditional sales and marketing industries and having a love for all things Internet related, this was a natural progression for me.  So I went full steam ahead into this exciting and evolving industry.  I felt a real sense of urgency when moving into this field because I knew that is would be life altering and I was correct.


Digital Marketing has truly changed how all industries are promoting and advertising their organizations. Traditional marketing, which was partially driven by physical media, has had a 180-degree change. I am not minimizing the role of traditional marketing only stating that it has changed.  It has change so quickly that it has grown even beyond what I was taught in Graduate school just 2 years ago. That is astounding.


When I attended Full Sail University the curriculum was geared toward giving students the most cutting edge knowledge needed to either work with an organization, start your own organization or grow your current organization. Honestly I’ve never seen a University embrace cutting edge technologies as I’ve seen Full Sail University. This really makes me proud to be Alumni, because I graduated from the best!


Attending such a cutting edge university made me take a look at the offerings of some of the other universities.  This is when I realized that there are so many universities and colleges still offering degrees in Traditional Marketing. I am really amazed that more universities have NOT pursued offering degrees in Digital/Internet Marketing or even altered their curriculum to incorporate MORE digital marketing courses.


I was speaking to a few people about traditional marketing degrees and the dire need for colleges and universities to take a look at what they are teaching. Hello? Traditional Marketing as we once knew it, does not exist anymore.   I am not saying that it’s totally gone, only that it is a hybrid of what it once was at best. Due to this fact colleges and universities should address their curriculum immediately.


Teaching traditional marketing in a world that no longer exclusively utilizes this media as a primary means of advertising and marketing is irresponsible on the part of the university. The goal of colleges and universities are to prepare students for work in the real world. Continuing to teach marketing as it was many years ago only prepares students for a world that no longer exists.  We have evolved way past brochures, print media, flyer and other traditional marketing strategies.


Time to step it up colleges and universities that have not altered their marketing curriculum in the past two years or so. What you are teaching is obsolete at worse and dated as best. Either way it does NOT prepare your graduates for the new world of Digital Marketing.


The takeaway: When looking for a college or university make sure their curriculum is up to date and prepares you for the field that will best put you on the best path for your career.

What Psy Of Gangnam Style Could Teach Us About #SocialMedia


To those that may be unaware, social media is starting to BE The Media choice for news. We have really moved beyond getting news in a traditional way and we have moved toward more social ways of obtaining our news, entertainment and otherwise. Social media as a means to get news is really growing in popularity to the point that traditional news outlets are falling behind. This is primarily due to having the ability to get news from mobile devices and tables on demand. I know, when something happens or when I want to find out more information about practically ANYTHING I got online and scout out my online content sources.

Social Media and content is so mobile and global that it has really expanded the reach of many. I love that social media has really allowed people to move out of their geographic area and to mainstream quicker than ever. Psy and Gangnam is a huge example of expansion into a much more global world by way of social media, social content and viral video.

A few weeks ago before this became a phenomenon, my son showed me this video. He is 13 and heavily into K-Pop or Korean Pop music. He is part Korean (1/4) so he is very interested in this culture. He additionally is very into sharing content with me that will give me laugh. I must really give him credit for a lot of my really funny Facebook wall content. So a few weeks ago he showed me this video and I thought it was absolutely hysterical. I LOVED this guy immediately because he was so entertaining. I asked my son immediately if this was suppose to be a “serious” video because it was so campy and funny. At 13 he gave me a look that said…”look mom, I’m only 13 and it’s not that deep for me…”

Gangnam Style Introduction Anise Smith

Psy created a runaway hit in Gangnam style so much that there have been many versions of this video created which is a for sure indication of how successful it is. Psy is a Korean pop star that I’m sure had NO idea of what would happen when he created the video Gangnam Style. I am also pretty sure that he is very please with the results and amazed at the power of social media.

This is a GREAT example of how social media efforts can really give brands exposure through the sharing of content. Not every brand will experience this kind of exposure, however it does display the importance of increasing your social media presence AND adding video to your digital marketing strategy.

Gungnam Style specifically is an example of the replacement of traditional media and it’s importance. At one time the successfulness of songs and video were totally dependent upon traditional TV and Cable mediums. That is no longer the case due to YouTube and social media being uses as an avenue to push content.  This is also and example of how important visual elements are to the digital marketing strategy.

Take a look below at some of the visual elements that you can easily incorporate into your social media strategy.

  • YouTube:  Video is huge and should be the first element included in  social media strategy. Create a Youtube channel, customize it with your brand and start adding videos. I would be great to use a 60 second commercial as the feature video of your channel and then add others as you see fit. Learning how to create videos is a great skill to have and can only be good for business because you can create tutorials, videos about your business and more. These videos can be shared to your Facebook Page, on Twitter, your blog and other social media channels.   Also, Youtube video is indexed by Google so it will aid in exposure for your brand.
    Image representing SlideShare as depicted in C...
    Image via CrunchBase
  • Slideshare:Everyone has created a presentation or two for company meetings.  Use Slideshare to share these presentations online and also add value to some of your blog posts by incorporating these presentations.
  • Flickr: Is a great channel to host and share photos. You could add photos of company events, blog images and more. You can also chose how you’d like to share these images with others.
  • Pinterest:  Is the newest and is being labeled one of the hottest image sharing social media platforms out there. I suggest you start pinning as well. It is fun and offers a great opportunity to promote your brand through images.

What’s really great about all of the channels above are that they offer an opportunity to increase brand awareness by way of visual medium and they also increase your chances of having your content shared.

We are, right now living through a historical transition of how we communicate, share and promote content. It’s HUGE and businesses really should be paying attention. Gangnam Style, although just a video, really displays this change for all to see.

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Using #Facebook #Timeline AS The ULTIMATE Networking Tool w Video



We all know that Facebook is a powerful networking tool, this is why marketing as we know it has changed so drastically within the past two years or so. Companies are just now starting to really realize how much of an impact Facebook has had on marketing and are really starting to step their game up with adding Facebook to their marketing strategy.


It seems that smaller businesses are really stepping it up in a big way and using their smaller company size to move forward quicker than companies that have more red tape to move through to implement change. This is has been a driving force in allowing smaller companies to jump right on the social media bandwagon quicker.


Entrepreneurs and small businesses, such as myself have been using Facebook personal AND business pages to extend their networks, meet contacts and clients.  Facebook Timeline for personal pages AND Timeline for Branded Pages offers the ultimate One-Two Punch of Networking Power if used correctly. I am currently embracing and enjoying my ability to utilize the One-Two Networking Punch to do just that.


I am loving the capabilities of Facebook Time line for personal and business pages used together,  so much that I actually narrated ( yes…narrated ) a video to walk you through the process.  This is huge for me as I NEVER narrate videos because I much prefer adding really cool music to grab attention.


Take a look at the Video Tutorial below to walk you through a step by step process of HOW to Rock the Facebook Personal and Business Timeline for the ultimate networking One-Two Punch.


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#SocialMedia Peeps: Stop Using The Word GURU



Everyone that knows me is aware that I hate the word Guru in general but really in regard to Social Media.   Everyone that is involved in any Internet Marketing and or Social Media type of Industry realizes that this industry is still evolving and we are all on the fast track to continuous learning due to the super fast growth of this technology.  Everyone is trying to move ahead, grab business, compete for projects and set themselves above the many people that are claiming to be social media experts. However there is NEVER a need to use the (shudder) word GURU.


Social Media in regard to business is still a relatively new avenue of marketing a business, although many would argue the point with me if I were inclined to argue, which I’m not. LOL  My point is that businesses are just now starting to realized that traditional marketing is really almost a thing of the past and that they’d better jump on that social media train.  The need to jump into the social media fray is due to the ability to reach so many people by way online channels and by  mobile devices.


The need to call ones self a Guru is a misguided attempt at creating a degree of self importance and an effort to get people to see that social media is an important part of any marketing strategy now. The last reason is very valid, the first one not so much. 🙂 Although I am a Guru Basher, I do believe for the most part that a percentage of the people that label themselves gurus do have honorable intentions and they are just trying to set themselves apart from their competition. With that said, please people find a new way. Let your talent shine through without creating a label for yourself that makes you look foolish at best and incompetent at worse.


If you are a Social Media Strategist, Marketer or Expert these things will display by the content of your online presence NOT by labeling yourself a Guru.

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Step Up Your Game Gurus: ARE You Rocking The World Of #SocialMedia Clients or NOT?



Social media is indeed a phenomenon and I am enjoying the ride. The past two years have been amazing in regard to the astounding growth of this technology. Social Media has literally turned the world upside down and changed everything as we know it.   There are so many people that have jumped on the Social Media Bandwagon and as a lover of this new and exciting technology I can totally understand that!  It is an exciting time to be involved with this history making era in technology growth.


Because this technology is so new and people are still learning there’s a lot of room for growth for everyone in this industry. If you are using social media in a recreational way, there is all the time in the world to wrap your head around the super quick growth of this industry. Do you hear a “but” coming on, well here it it. BUT, ( I know I’m not suppose to start a sentence with but, so what, I’m doing it anyway 🙂  if you are presenting yourself as a social media expert and you are taking on clients as such you MUST BE ON YOUR A GAME. If not you will be labeled a GURU and that is not a compliment.


As a Social Media professional we owe it to our clients to represent this industry in a positive manner, which means you should be on your A Game at all times.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Real A Game Social Media Experts are working hard to present this industry in a favorable light and working harder to convey the importance of Social Media to those that are slower to adapt to this newer industry to market their business.


The half stepping, self appointed gurus that are NOT on their A game make it that much harder for people that ARE A Gamers in this Industry to present social media as a real opportunity for businesses to market their company. It is imperative that if there are areas that you are lacking skill you make it your business to educate yourself especially if you are marketing your services as a social media expert.  I’m not saying that I know it all because I do not, however I never present myself as one to know everything about all aspects of social. If there is information I lack, I am quick to admit it and or educate myself accordingly.


Social Media as we know it is relatively new especially in regard to business marketing so it is very easy to NOT know everything. However it is YOUR JOB as a Social Media Expert selling your services to companies, to step your damn game up.


Poop or Get off the pot! Step it up Gurus!

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2012: More Spend Toward Online Marketing [Infographic]

As we know online methods of marketing are being used more than ever and as time goes on more and more of the budget will be allocated toward online methods of advertising and marketing. Mobile marketing spend will play a much larger role in marketing budgets moving forward.  Take look at the infographic below to give you an idea of who will be spending what in which areas:

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#Workflow Blueprint: Utilizing Your #SocialMedia Time More Effectively



It seems as if the number of social media channels are growing at a super quick rate of speed. Granted, you don’t have to try them all but I do 🙂 or at least I try the channels that I believe will be relevant for my brand. Some of them stick, some do not work for my brand and others I quite honestly just forget about.


As we add channels this adds more and more time to our day. If your day is really full, adding another social media channel could be very time consuming.  When adding these channels it is good to keep your mind on the bigger picture of your social media strategy and goals whatever they may be.


2011 ended with tweaking my brand a bit, adding services that were successful and minimizing services that were not. So as I started 2012 I had a great working plan to market my brand more aggressively, increase sales and do this while utilizing time saving methods.  So in my focus on Content, Curation and Clients there has to be a common sense guide to adding different social media channels.


I wrote  a post 12 channels to use in 2012 that has been my guide in helping me to stay on track. This has become my blueprint of sorts.  I’ve even started a new brand and this blueprint still allows me to effectively manage my workflow.  A quick synopsis of the 12 channel blue print:


  • Facebook: Personal & Business page allows me interaction with friends and people that I network with.
  • Twitter: Allow me to share valuable information and extend my brand identity.
  • Google+: Is Social Search and is essential to your brand.
  • Scoop.It : Is THE CURATION of my goals and it play a huge role in my business strategy
  • Tumblr: Is a sharing bonanza
  • WordPress: Is THE CONTENT portion of my Goal
  • StumbleUp: Offers a great avenue to extend the reach of your content.
  • Works hand in hand with Twitter and allows me to reach potential clients. I have invites. 
  • Empire Avenue: Is a Networking goldmine.
  • Twyla: Works with branding and promotion of my brand
  • Pinterest: Google juice for images.
  • Triberr: Is STILL a great avenue to meet great bloggers but its very important to pick the right Tribes

And I keep track of all of these channel with XeeMe.


That is, in a nutshell my blueprint for workflow! Control your social media channels, your time and Own it in 2012!

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#SocialMedia Meets Video: Have You Tried #CHILL yet


I know…I know….ANOTHER Social Media Platform. YEAH Yeah…However we are after all in a growing technology boom so there will continue to be lots of new and exciting social media platforms introduced. We should maybe view it as an opportunity to get involved with something new and cool and NOT ..”OOOO MMM GGG…Another Social Media platform.” Ok, mini rant over.

I am a bit of a self proclaimed early adopter and I really like to try all of the new social media platforms as I hear about them. I stick with the ones that are cool and that are beneficial to my brand, those that are not sort of fade away. I use my XeeMe Profile to keep track of them all.

Well, I signed up for Chill a while ago but it was one that sort of faded away. However recently there was a bit of a burst of people in my social media circles connecting so I had an opportunity to visit the platform again. I do believe they made a lot of improvements to the interface and I LOVE it. The premise behind Chill is a place to “hang out” and watch videos with your friends. The interface is a bit like Pinterest but for video.  Check it out when you have an opportunity!

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