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6 Digital Strategies to Apply to Your Job Search

6 Digital Strategies to Apply to Your Job Search
6 Digital Strategies to Apply to Your Job Search

6 Digital Strategies to Apply to Your Job Search


Technology has changed so many things in our lives and it has been such a quick change that it is almost mind-boggling. One minute we were reading magazines and newspapers, the next minute we are consuming news and information by way of tablet and mobile device.


As we move further and further into this technology driven world we must continue to adapt every aspect our lives to stay up with the super quick changes. One of the things that we need to adapt immediately is HOW we search for jobs.  This change may allow us to gain a bit of competitive advantage, which is so important in the job search game.


At one time it was enough to post a resume to the job boards and let the recruiters find you. That is not necessarily the case now and this is due to so much competition. Also so many are choosing to go one step further by using digital channels to take their job search to the next level.  Those that are a little savvy are using digital strategies that are usually applied to marketing, to their job search efforts like branding, mobile web, social media and other strategies.


A few very easy Digital Strategies that you can easily apply to your job search:


Social Media: Before you do anything, clean up your social media profiles because recruiters DO check social media profiles.  So if you have college photos being a pot worshipper, any and all forms of nudity, beer pong and other types of nonsense delete them or make them viewable to only a certain list of people. Also refrain from using profanity laced status updates because NO Company wants to hire a potty mouth as a representative for their organization. If you feel a need to vent by cursing, do so under your breath instead. It’s kind of old school but grumble under your breath, while walking away from your keyboard.


Portfolio: If you have a portfolio of work, make sure that is online and accessible to recruiters. This allows recruiters to see if the work you’d done is a fit for the position that they are recruiting for currently. The goal is, again, to stand apart from your competition and providing a link to your work will do this.


Website: These days even if you do not have a business, you should have a website.  Branding yourself online is so important because it allows you to stand apart from your competition. Before you start your website buy a domain utilizing your name. If your name is John Anthony Smith, try to get the domain This will allow you to create an online presence for yourself, adding information about yourself, projects you’ve completed etc. BRAND YOURSELF so that you stand apart from those competing for the same position. The website allows recruiters to see you beyond what is just listed on your resume.


You can easily create a website on but if you are really savvy you could go with a self-hosted website.


2 Minute Video:  The power of video is an amazing thing and we see this every day on our social media channels. This can definitely be applied to your job search efforts.  Creation of a short 2-minute video about who you are as a person allows recruiters to get a glimpse of your personality. Your resume can portray who you are in a business sense, but cannot effectively portray who you are on a personal level, but a video can. Sometimes employers are looking for a certain personality type for their organization and a video could demonstrate this to them.


Mobile Resume: There is no secret that mobile usage will surpass traditional PC usage shortly. So get a jump on it by adding your resume to your mobile website, if you have one.  If you plan to create a WordPress site, you can create a traditional website OR go with a mobile website using a WordPress Mobile Template.  The GREAT thing about making your resume accessible to mobile users is that you can instantly send your resume in link form to recruiters during the day without accessing a computer.  Recruiters usually contact you during their business hours which is also during a time when you are working. So having your resume on your website allows you to take advantage of a potential opportunity in a timely manner.  The recruiter now has  a copy of your resume until you can send them a print ready copy from your home computer.


LinkedIn: Utilizing this resource is ESSENTIAL to moving your job search to the next level.  I’ve read that 74% of recruiters use social media as a way to find candidates. Of those, 94% are using LinkedIn. This is HUGE! So using LinkedIn is essential.



Don’t just throw up a profile; utilize all of the bells and whistles that LinkedIn has to offer. In addition to your profile, add links to your social media channels, website, portfolio, mobile resume and 2 minute video. Use this platform to SHOW recruiters WHY you are the right candidate for the position that they are trying to fill.


The Takeaway:


Go out there and be digital! Take your job search to the next level and compete for the position that you KNOW you’re qualified for.


As usual, I welcome all comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.



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It’s NOT the Content of Your Character BUT the Character of Your Content

It’s NOT the Content of Your Character BUT the Character of Your Content
It’s NOT the Content of Your Character BUT the Character of Your Content


It’s NOT the Content of Your Character BUT the Character of Your Content


If your content sucks no one will visit, share or engage. It’s just that simple! It’s sort of like the family member that can’t cook and is always willing to cook for the holidays. Have you ever noticed that no one visits that family member during the holidays? There are always a multitude of reasons NOT to visit! Oh I have to get a root canal, my hamster needs a new cage, or oh I have a toenail fungus that is just out of control.  Most will say anything NOT to visit?


Well, this is the same as bad content.  WHY would a person, visit, share or engage with you page, blog or social media channel when your content is equivalent to aunt Margie’s “gone wrong” Thanksgiving Day biscuits? Just like there are so many other places to eat, there are so many other places to get great content. YOU won’t be able to compete until you step your content game up just as Aunt Margie can’t compete with the Rachel Ray of the family.


The goal in content creation is placing your company content in the position to be viewed as the GO-TO source for information, which presents your organization as the voice of the authority in your field. YOU do not; however want to be known as the creator of content that is subpar, as it is a reflection of your organization.


People have almost fully transitioned from accessing content by traditional means to reading most of their content online. So this presents organizations with the unique opportunity to provide information of value to readers. This means that organizations should be working to create quality content and in order to do this there must be an understanding of the fundamental reasoning behind content creation.


It’s NOT the Content of Your Character BUT the Character of Your Content, meaning if you are currently creating content, make sure that it is good and that it is a positive representation of your organization. You can do this by thinking of the content that you are creating as if you are producing a commercial or ad about your organization. This could be content about company capabilities, company news, fun events or something similar.  The goal is to give people an idea of what your company has to offer and a bit of a peak into the culture of your organization.


So if your organization is providing bad content, that is a reflection of what your company is all about and it can have a negative impact on your brand, especially if it is subpar.  The creation of great content is so important in our digitally focused world. This is especially the case with the creation of online content because anything posted online could always remain a part of your organizations digital footprint indefinitely. Content posted online cannot be pulled back, once it is out there it’s out there.


The take away:

Step your content game up, present your organization in a positive way and make a conscious decision to ROCK your digital footprint!


As usual, I welcome and comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent!  Find me on Google+, Twitter or Facebook!


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60 Percent Of Marketers Confidence In Their Skills Suck

60 Percent Of Marketers Confidence In Their Skills Suck
60 Percent Of Marketers Confidence In Their Skills Suck


60 Percent Of Marketers Confidence In Their Skills Suck


I just read a report about marketers, their confidence in their own marketing strategy and their companies effectiveness based on their own marketing experience.  The issue seems to be that most traditional marketers are being left in the dust by the new digital marketing strategies that have all but taken over this industry.


I have noticed that people with, just traditional marketing experience and that lack technology experience seem to be struggling more than marketers with digital AND traditional experience. The report also states that traditional marketers feel as if the marketing industry has changed more in the past two years than it has in the last fifty years. I would say that this is the primary issue with the ineffectiveness of those traditional marketers that have not embraced digital marketing and consequently are struggling.


It is imperative that organizations recognize WHEN their digital marketing strategies are not going in the direction that they desire. The first step is to LOOK at the credentials of the person in charge of the marketing department, their lack of knowledge about digital marketing could be derailing digital strategies.  IF they have experience in traditional marketing ONLY and are not up to date on digital marketing strategies they will lack the experience in this ever changing space to lead your marketing department in the right direction.  Traditional marketers that LACK digital marketing experience simply are NOT qualified to lead digital marketing strategies. This is not a negative statement only a keeping it real kind of statement.  Would you go to a podiatrist if you needed advice on your heart? It’s the same thing if you entrust a traditional marketer that is untrained in digital marketing strategies to run digital marketing initiatives. The only outcome can be less than positive.


The bigger issue with traditional marketers that are put in place to lead digital initiatives stem from organizations lack of ability to recognize that the world has changed and the old school methods of marketing are no longer as successful as they once were. IF understanding of the importance of digital marketing starts at the upper management level, and the upper level of management has a firm understanding of changes,  addressing it should not be the problem. So, the ultimate issue here is that the entire organizational structure must recognize the need for change before any change to digital will happen. If those at the top lack knowledge so will others. Change needs to happen at the upper management level, without that change there will be a continuous flow of unqualified, incompetent marketers flubbing their way through the digital marketing space at the expense of the organization.


Take a look at the slide show below, it will give you an idea of marketers feel they are doing in the digital marketing space.


We are quickly reaching the point where flubbing through the digital marketing space by incompetent marketers will cause harm to the entire organization.


Steps that you should take:

  • Analyze your current traditional marketing strategies.
  • Track the effectiveness of your traditional marketing campaign.
  • Determine what percentage of your marketing campaign should be traditional and how much should be digital.
  • Hire a QUALIFIED Digital Marketer/Strategist and allow them to do their job.
  • DON’T try to apply traditional marketing strategies to digital marketing.
  • Embrace digital marketing because it’s not going away.


If you need help with your Digital Marketing Strategy feel free to contact me!


As usual, I welcome all comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. I can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Feel free to follow and circle me!




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Hey Old School Marketers: Your Target Audience is DEAD

Hey Old School Marketers: Your Target Audience is DEAD
Hey Old School Marketers: Your Target Audience is DEAD

Hey Old School Marketers: Your Target Audience is DEAD

I grew up in an era that was not technology focused; there were no computers, mobile devices, or Internet when I was in high school. My generation did not even grow up with cable. In fact I remember when cable initially hit the scene, when MTV actually played music and the HUGE campaign “I want My MTV” which was used to push MTV to mainstream. Oh, those were the days. A lot has happened with the growth of technology since my high school years. If you have been able to adapt and embrace this super fast growth of technology, that is fantastic. However, if you have not you could be a little screwed now and a lotta’ screwed later. This, is especially the case if you are trying to run a business based on philosophies and an organizational structure from the 1980’s, MTV Era. The biggest mistake in taking that path is that this audience is dead or on life support.

Think about this, we are reaching an age when we have augmented reality and your business cards can talk. We are moving toward the Semantic Web, closer to an era when ALL of the computers mechanisms in our devices will be able to communicate with each other. Do you seriously THINK that people are in touch with old school methods? NO one is looking backward, or I should say consumers aren’t looking backward. This means that your organization is being left behind,  if you are not forward thinking.

Companies that have not embraced our new social oriented culture and the growing mobile market, are  whistling in the wind. Those companies are targeting a dwindling population. Just visualize it as a numbers game. Think about the target markets that are NOT online and those that are NOT mobile, this number is growing smaller and smaller as more people embrace the digital marketing space. So companies should NOT be gearing  their primary marketing campaigns toward a demographic that is shrinking. It’s really common sense. Companies should be looking to always GROW their audience NOT focus on the shrinking audiences.


In essence, in choosing NOT to adapt to newer technologies companies are choosing to throw in the towel on their businesses whether they realize it or not. Companies MUST go where their audiences are, that’s the only way in which they will continue to grow. In fact Seth Godin wrote a post “What do you think of my brochure? ” 7 YEARS ago, about the total reliance on brochures as a way to reach an audience. That piece was applicable in 2006 and is even more so now.

The Internet is the 2nd most widely utilized channel for news. If people go to the Internet and social media channels for something as valuable and important as news, they will also go there for other information as well. So, every business SHOULD make it a priority to have a strong social media and mobile presence. The old saying, “If we build it, they will come.” definitely applies to a strong digital footprint. On the other hand, if we build it and it’s geared toward a dwindling demographic, they may NOT come. As business owners we should be interested in substantially shifting those odds in our favor by going where our customers are.

Where America Turns To For News  via
Where America Turns To For News via

Ultimately if companies are not tapping a new more social and mobile oriented market with content geared for this demographic, they are taping a dead audience. Take a look at the video below to see exactly HOW much social and mobile is ingrained in who we are, as a culture now.

People are on the go, we now live in a super fast paced world, and people are looking for content that they can access easily and quickly on their mobile device. They DO not want to read a companies long-winded prepackaged full-page ad in whatever magazine that’s lying about in an office or waiting room. They want quick access by way of mobile while they are on the go. So as business owners we must be willing to supply them with this information or they will go to competitors that will.

The take away, while your organization is spewing their prepackaged printed message, other more innovative companies are going where their audiences are and moving past that 1980’s strategy. The time to step it up was a few years ago and companies that have not done so may be living a “STUFF” got real nightmare if they select to continue on this path.

I am not saying that companies should roll over and die, I am trying to subtly nudge those living in a time warp to adapt or die.

As usual, I welcome all comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. I welcome dialogue even if we don’t agree, so follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and lets start a conversation.

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Due to #Mobile and #Social: Every Business MUST Be An Internet Business

Due to #Mobile and #Social: Every Business MUST Be An Internet Business
Due to #Mobile and #Social: Every Business MUST Be An Internet Business

Due to #Mobile and #Social: Every Business MUST Be An Internet Business

When the Internet initially started to become mainstream in the 90’s there were so many companies that felt as if the, then called World Wide Web, was a fad and that it would go away. Hmmm, “how’d that thought process work for ya?”  Not so well for those that were reluctant in embracing the World Wide Web, now called the Internet.

I cannot fathom why many many years later there are still people in the world that have selected NOT to embrace technology as a part of their lives. I do have a little bit of tolerance for those that are not into it on a personal level but businesses that STILL have not fully embraced technology are doing themselves a disservice.

In 1995 it was perfectly fine to consider getting a website and waffle in the process of getting that done. Fast-forward eighteen years, YES eighteen year, and organizations are STILL waffling and more behind than ever.  We have moved so much beyond just having a website not that it is mind altering.  We have also moved to an era where waffling could allow your competitors to get such a big jump on your organization that you would forever be behind the eight ball.

Due to the super quick growth of the tablet and mobile industry we do not have the luxury of waffling on decisions to go full force into the new and aggressive digital marketing space. In fact, if you have a brick and mortar business, you can really no longer even view your organization as a traditional business. YOU must start to see your business as an Internet business. EVERY BUSINESS IS AN INTERNET BUSINESS now.

There is literally no such thing as traditional business anymore, ANY and ALL businesses must be online; therefore, considered Internet businesses.  With so many people accessing company websites with mobile devices it’s not even enough to have a traditional website. YOU must be mobile.

It amazes me that there are so many organizations that have not grasped the importance of an online presence. It’s been eighteen years or more since the Internet became mainstream, I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon.  Actually the Internet is fast becoming the most effective way to market any business.

Traditional ways of consuming media is a thing of the past, very few people read newspapers, magazine, flyers, brochures and pamphlets as a primary source of information as was once the case. If someone finds your traditional media somewhere, they search for a website or social media channel to find out more about your company using their mobile device.

So companies that are still utilizing these traditional media outlets for the majority of their business are placing themselves behind the eight ball and additionally presenting themselves to their clients as a company that is NOT on their game.

Companies must create a strong Digital Footprint for their brand and use traditional marketing as a means to DRIVE traffic to their online brand, not the other way around. Traditional media as a primary source of gaining information is DEAD, like the steel mills in Allentown. I’m not saying that all companies should stop using traditional media, but I am saying that you must go where your customer base is and that’s online and by way of mobile device.  Simply, people are using mobile devices to access information about YOUR Company and YOUR competitors so that’s where you must go. People are on social media channels accessing information about YOUR Company and YOUR competitors, so that’s where your organization must go.

As we decide to lead our organizations into this digital journey of social media and mobile we must realize that we can not just adapt our old “shove the company pitch in their faces” way of marketing. That does NOT work with social media and no one using a mobile device will want to scroll through an old school organizations long winded pitch about what they do, what they sell, blah blah blah, on their mobile device.

A few keys to reaching your social and mobile audiences are:

  • Mobile Website: YOU must first have a mobile website. This is not even optional anymore.  With the rate of people consuming media on the go if you opt out of having a mobile web presence you are turning your back on a huge amount of customers and YOUR competitors will be right there to grab them from you.
  • Social Media: You must have a strong social media presence AND a strategy that is socially driven. Posting your sales pitch on your channels ONLY displays that you have not fully grasped what our new social oriented world is about. Old school marketing strategy consisted of sharing prepackaged content saying all the right things to push your message without regard for the customer. Social Media is about sharing social oriented content that appeals to YOUR READER. It is NOT about you or your company but about building a relationship with followers, building trust with customers and providing information that THEY will find of value so THEY will then think of your company when it is time to utilize your services. I’ll say that again. It is NOT about you or your company but about building a relationship with followers, building trust with customers and providing information that THEY will find of value so THEY will then think of your company when it is time to utilize your services.

People are on mobile devices AND on social media with their mobile devices so it is imperative that ALL organizations have a presence on both.  Take a look below in the statistic on mobile usage.

As of May 2013:

  • 91% of American Adults have a cell phone
  • 56% of American Adults have a smart phone
  • 67% of cell phone owners check their phone for messages, alerts and calls EVEN if the phone is not ringing or vibrating.
  • 44% of people sleep with their phone next to their bed.

As of April 2012:

  • 55% of adult cell phone users use the Internet on their mobile, which has doubled in three years.
  • 31% of cell phone Internet users mostly use their mobile device for Internet, not desktops or laptops.
  • 17% of ALL adults cell phone owners use their cell ONLY for accessing the Internet.
  • 31% of cell phone uses look for health or medical information online.
  • 68% of Smartphone users use their device to access the Internet.
68% of Smartphone users use their device to access the Internet
68% of Smartphone users use their device to access the Internet

With desktop computer usage on the decline, laptop usage rising and mobile usage growing at a super quick rate of speed businesses,  MUST start to see their businesses as Internet businesses. They can no longer AFFORD to ignore having a strong presence in the SOCIAL and MOBILE space.

Mobile usage is on the rise AND desktop is on the decline
Mobile usage is on the rise AND desktop is on the decline

It’s time to ADAPT your ORGANIZATIONAL strategies to the new the new mobile and social world NOT keep your same old school strategies and add digital as an afterthought. It’s a new world squirrel Adapt or die.

If you have any questions or comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent, I can be reached socially on a variety of channels. Follow me on Facebook, Google + or Twitter.

ALSO if you’d like your business to go mobile check out or the Facebook page, they are doing great things over there.


Pew Internet

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Is It Irresponsible For Colleges To Continue To PUSH Traditional Marketing As A Major?

Marketing Degree


We are at a transitional period with technology and things are changing very quickly. It is quite amazing to be aware and involved with this transition from what is considered a traditional means of advertising and marketing to the very technology focused era of digital marketing.


I remember when the Internet initially became mainstream, it was a very exciting time as a technology user to be involved.  I remembered thinking how cool it would be to be involved with technology from the inside, as a person actually driving the growth of the technology.


The first boom of technology really put us in a position to see such growth in this field. It was so very different than what is online now; it is quite amazing how things have grown and how quickly they have grown.  The Internet initially was VERY text driven and basic. I you go to a website called the Wayback Machine you can actually see how your favorite website displayed during the first boom of the Internet. You will be quite amazed at the changes and growth of technology in a relatively short period of time.


A few years ago I decided to go back to school after returning ten years previously to get my Bachelors Degree in Business. This time I decided to get a Graduate Degree in Internet Marketing and this was driven by my need to be a part of the evolution of technolgy.  When I started doing my research online every search produced Full Sail University as the only option that taught everything thing that I was interested in learning. They were very cutting edge and differed from any other University that I’ve ever seen with their platform and coursework. So of course Full Sail was the option for me.


After spending so much time in traditional sales and marketing industries and having a love for all things Internet related, this was a natural progression for me.  So I went full steam ahead into this exciting and evolving industry.  I felt a real sense of urgency when moving into this field because I knew that is would be life altering and I was correct.


Digital Marketing has truly changed how all industries are promoting and advertising their organizations. Traditional marketing, which was partially driven by physical media, has had a 180-degree change. I am not minimizing the role of traditional marketing only stating that it has changed.  It has change so quickly that it has grown even beyond what I was taught in Graduate school just 2 years ago. That is astounding.


When I attended Full Sail University the curriculum was geared toward giving students the most cutting edge knowledge needed to either work with an organization, start your own organization or grow your current organization. Honestly I’ve never seen a University embrace cutting edge technologies as I’ve seen Full Sail University. This really makes me proud to be Alumni, because I graduated from the best!


Attending such a cutting edge university made me take a look at the offerings of some of the other universities.  This is when I realized that there are so many universities and colleges still offering degrees in Traditional Marketing. I am really amazed that more universities have NOT pursued offering degrees in Digital/Internet Marketing or even altered their curriculum to incorporate MORE digital marketing courses.


I was speaking to a few people about traditional marketing degrees and the dire need for colleges and universities to take a look at what they are teaching. Hello? Traditional Marketing as we once knew it, does not exist anymore.   I am not saying that it’s totally gone, only that it is a hybrid of what it once was at best. Due to this fact colleges and universities should address their curriculum immediately.


Teaching traditional marketing in a world that no longer exclusively utilizes this media as a primary means of advertising and marketing is irresponsible on the part of the university. The goal of colleges and universities are to prepare students for work in the real world. Continuing to teach marketing as it was many years ago only prepares students for a world that no longer exists.  We have evolved way past brochures, print media, flyer and other traditional marketing strategies.


Time to step it up colleges and universities that have not altered their marketing curriculum in the past two years or so. What you are teaching is obsolete at worse and dated as best. Either way it does NOT prepare your graduates for the new world of Digital Marketing.


The takeaway: When looking for a college or university make sure their curriculum is up to date and prepares you for the field that will best put you on the best path for your career.

What Psy Of Gangnam Style Could Teach Us About #SocialMedia


To those that may be unaware, social media is starting to BE The Media choice for news. We have really moved beyond getting news in a traditional way and we have moved toward more social ways of obtaining our news, entertainment and otherwise. Social media as a means to get news is really growing in popularity to the point that traditional news outlets are falling behind. This is primarily due to having the ability to get news from mobile devices and tables on demand. I know, when something happens or when I want to find out more information about practically ANYTHING I got online and scout out my online content sources.

Social Media and content is so mobile and global that it has really expanded the reach of many. I love that social media has really allowed people to move out of their geographic area and to mainstream quicker than ever. Psy and Gangnam is a huge example of expansion into a much more global world by way of social media, social content and viral video.

A few weeks ago before this became a phenomenon, my son showed me this video. He is 13 and heavily into K-Pop or Korean Pop music. He is part Korean (1/4) so he is very interested in this culture. He additionally is very into sharing content with me that will give me laugh. I must really give him credit for a lot of my really funny Facebook wall content. So a few weeks ago he showed me this video and I thought it was absolutely hysterical. I LOVED this guy immediately because he was so entertaining. I asked my son immediately if this was suppose to be a “serious” video because it was so campy and funny. At 13 he gave me a look that said…”look mom, I’m only 13 and it’s not that deep for me…”

Gangnam Style Introduction Anise Smith

Psy created a runaway hit in Gangnam style so much that there have been many versions of this video created which is a for sure indication of how successful it is. Psy is a Korean pop star that I’m sure had NO idea of what would happen when he created the video Gangnam Style. I am also pretty sure that he is very please with the results and amazed at the power of social media.

This is a GREAT example of how social media efforts can really give brands exposure through the sharing of content. Not every brand will experience this kind of exposure, however it does display the importance of increasing your social media presence AND adding video to your digital marketing strategy.

Gungnam Style specifically is an example of the replacement of traditional media and it’s importance. At one time the successfulness of songs and video were totally dependent upon traditional TV and Cable mediums. That is no longer the case due to YouTube and social media being uses as an avenue to push content.  This is also and example of how important visual elements are to the digital marketing strategy.

Take a look below at some of the visual elements that you can easily incorporate into your social media strategy.

  • YouTube:  Video is huge and should be the first element included in  social media strategy. Create a Youtube channel, customize it with your brand and start adding videos. I would be great to use a 60 second commercial as the feature video of your channel and then add others as you see fit. Learning how to create videos is a great skill to have and can only be good for business because you can create tutorials, videos about your business and more. These videos can be shared to your Facebook Page, on Twitter, your blog and other social media channels.   Also, Youtube video is indexed by Google so it will aid in exposure for your brand.
    Image representing SlideShare as depicted in C...
    Image via CrunchBase
  • Slideshare:Everyone has created a presentation or two for company meetings.  Use Slideshare to share these presentations online and also add value to some of your blog posts by incorporating these presentations.
  • Flickr: Is a great channel to host and share photos. You could add photos of company events, blog images and more. You can also chose how you’d like to share these images with others.
  • Pinterest:  Is the newest and is being labeled one of the hottest image sharing social media platforms out there. I suggest you start pinning as well. It is fun and offers a great opportunity to promote your brand through images.

What’s really great about all of the channels above are that they offer an opportunity to increase brand awareness by way of visual medium and they also increase your chances of having your content shared.

We are, right now living through a historical transition of how we communicate, share and promote content. It’s HUGE and businesses really should be paying attention. Gangnam Style, although just a video, really displays this change for all to see.

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To Post Or Not To Post, That Is The Question: Share Responsibly W [Infographic]

Everyone Sees You Be Careful What You Post

We are living in a increasingly social world and I am pretty sure that it will become more social as time passes, if you can even imagine that. As we grow accustomed to a different way of conducting “conversations” and sharing content we must be very aware of how and what we share, this is especially true if you are not self employed.

I am a total advocate of freedom of speech, freedom of expression and all of the other freedoms we are allow by because we are American Citizens. I love to see great content, even controversial content especially when it is beautiful and or thought provoking. However I have had some things come through my news feed that makes me question the sanity of the people that are posting.  For example I had a full upclose and personal blow by blow image gallery of c-section photos. Ummm Seriously? I want to see this? Why?  Wouldn’t a person think about how they would feel if they got an a up close and personal of someone’s C-section in their news feed. One would think that the persons posting would come to the conclusion that people  may not want that much information about them or may it could be that this may come under  the over-sharing category. People should think about this BEFORE they hit the dang share button.  Hmm imagine that, think before you post?  I, do so wish that this had been the case with my c-section over-sharing friend, my cornea is still scorched and its been about two years since that traumatic experience.

Ironically the same person that shared her C-section photos had the audacity to complain that Facebook was violated her privacy. Umm wow, really? I think that Facebook MIGHT have had an opportunity to violate your privacy had you not beat them to the punch with the full frontal cornea burning images first.  My point here is that although we are living in a social world some personal photos and such go way beyond oversharing and there needs to be an exercise in restraint. With that said I would never report a person based on their sharing. I recently experienced a friend that was reported and banned and I believe that to be excessive  when I can just as easy move on to the next piece of content.

Sharing with lack of restraint is really unnecessary because you can share only the information that you’d like by utilizing Facebook privacy settings. I find that in addition to the abundance of over sharing people really lack the ability , or chose not to to set up lists. This is the simplest way to provide content to certain lists of people and not to others. Facebook has always had the ability to set up lists to gear your content toward certain people on those lists. I wrote an ebook about this at least two years ago. This option was tweaked a bit and made easier after Google+ was introduced with their fancy circles which almost force you to be aware of who you share content with. Lists would have allowed c-section  overshare abuser to share her photos with just the people she wanted to, instead of her entire friends list. This would have spared me the trauma of a scorched cornea as well. I have a super quick video below that will aid you so won’t, too, be guilty of affecting the vision of some poor unsuspecting soul.

I have a list of friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers and subscribers on my Facebook page and I gear my content to different people by using lists that I’ve created.  However even though I have lists, I am very cognizant of the information that I share.  I only share information that I would share with my grandmother, father and or son. Since my father and son are both friends with me on Facebook this rule is easy to remember.

If you question what you should or should not post, take a look at the infographic below to give some guidance.


Please Include Attribution to With This Graphic To Post or Not to Post Infographic

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Businesses Should Mimic The Politicians With #SocialMedia with [Infographic]

Facebook and Politics


This is NOT a post about politics! I repeat, this is NOT a post about politics. I never considered myself much of a political person, but the older I get the more I have an interest in my future. Politics tends to bring out strong feelings in most people and actually that is quite understandable as one person literally has your future in their hands for increments of four years.


However this is not really about politics as it is only the purpose behind the vehicle driving the most fascinating social media campaign that I’ve ever seen. I mean really regardless of your political affiliation we are really living during a historical time depicting almost literally in real time, the transition or death as it were, of traditional media in lieu of social media and digital marketing.


The political campaign although fascinating as a person that has an interest in my own future but so very compelling to watch as a digital marketer. So much so that if I were an organization that has not moved in the digital marketing area, I would be literally stalking the online presences of both parties. The ongoing social media surge, engagement and viral content is mind boggling. Both political parties are sharing content which is producing engagement of the likes that I have never seen. It is quite fascinating.


The Digital Media assault is endless and relentless by both candidates but the end result is exposing millions of people to your message. That is after all, what social media is all about. Social Media allows a unique kind of engagement and interaction that traditional media just has never been able to get. This political campaign is a HUGE example of the power of social media.


For those companies that are not involved with social media, I suggest you get involved with your political candidate of choice by way of their social media channels. Look, listen and learn because they are really showing the world HOW to rock a social media campaign.


Take a look at the Infographic below to give you an idea of how much content is out there and how both campaigns are really focusing a lot of attention on social media and utilizing social content to reach the masses.



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