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Workplace Bullies: It Doesn’t Stop in The Playground

Workplace Bullies: It Doesn’t Stop in The Playground
Workplace Bullies: It Doesn’t Stop in The Playground

Workplace Bullies: It Doesn’t Stop in The Playground


It seems that bullying is becoming and epidemic in this country and honestly something MUST be done to stop it!  Bullying within schools that escalate to social channels are quickly becoming a life threatening issue that should to be addressed.  Unfortunately we have become accustomed to hearing about bullying that involves children and teenagers but NOW we are starting to hear about bullying in the work environment.


Today, there was an alleged bullying incident reported involving Miami Dolphins, Richie Incognito. This alleged incident caused Offensive Tackle Jonathan Martin to walk away from the professional football position.  Imagine how unbearable the bullying had to be for a professional football player to walk away from a position! The money, the prestige and all that goes along with being a football player AND to just say to heck with it, I can’t take it anymore. Imagine the torment that this young man was going through!


Insults transcript via CNN
Insults transcript via CNN


This incident is in indication that bullying extends way beyond the classroom and those young bullies grow-up to be adult bullies. This behavior does NOT stop in the schoolyard or classroom it continues right into the workplace. The incident with Miami Dolphins, Richie Incognito and the alleged bullying and racial intimidation of 300 lb., Jonathan Martin is an indication that WE have a bullying problem in this country.


Jonathan Martin was able to walk away but so many that are bullied in the workplace are NOT in a position to do so. The bullies at the playgrounds have turned in to the bullies in the workplace that have the power to make or break you as an employee. As a regular working class Joe you have very limited power over the school bully that has grown up and is now responsible for unleashing their terror in the workplace. YOUNG bullies grow up to be ADULT bullies!


Bullies within a traditional workplace usually have higher-level positions and wield the power to affect the livelihood of their victims. So instead of the playground beat down that a kid would get, the workplace bully has the power to destroy a career. This could be one of the reasons that 71% of people hate their jobs!


Bullies NEED to be stopped, on the playground, in the classroom, in social media and in the workplace. It’s time for change!


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