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As Technology Advances Will Your IT Department Be Destined For The #Cloud



This week, I’ve had an opportunity to have quite a few conversations with people in the technology industry that have very opposing viewpoints than I.  Most of the people that are in my circles are very tech focused and on top of the industry and its variety of changes. Further, they all really see the technology industry as a way to benefit the masses and to be used as a tool for social good. Basically in a way to spread knowledge and resources throughout the world for the better good of the masses. This is not at all a self serving way to view technology but more of a way to assist many in a variety of ways through education, engaging and interaction. This is in fact the way I view it as well so it is great that I have the opportunity to interact with those that feel the same.


I am very unfamiliar with technology and social media used primarily in a self serving way. I am not a pollyanna by any stretch but I DO view technology and social media as an opportunity to reach the masses in order to invoke positive change.  So imagine my surprise when during a conversation points were brought up that were very self serving about minimizing technological grow to insure ones own agenda. Say What? I think.


A huge part of this conversation was how technology could soon be going to The Cloud and the reprecussions to IT departments. Ok, I do get that transition can be hard although for myself as an early adopter of new technologies I tend to throw myself in to technology changes not resist. So to me Cloud Computing is an awesome thing, it will open avenues in technology that had been closed and on a huge scale. Cloud computing to me is a natural transition to the growth of mobile and the demands to be a more global and mobile world.


To me the thought or resistiing something as essential to our technological growth as Cloud computing in efforts to self preserve is not only ludicris but not to intelligent. Wouldn’t it be simpler to expand your horizons, go with the flow, embrace and learn this technology if you are in fear of losing a position due to the growth of Cloud Computing.  As an early adopter, I would  be jumping into learning as much about Cloud Computing, especially if I were in an IT field.


I do so hope that it is the exception and not the norm to resist new technologies as I do not see the growth slowing down anytime soon.  I see Cloud Computing as a great opportunity for businesses and employees. What do you think? Do you think Cloud Computing will effect IT departments in a negative way?

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#Facebook Timeline : Make A Timeline Movie Whydoncha’

It’s no secret, I am a huge fan of Facebook Timeline. I guess, as a bit of an early adopter I am always ready to jump in at something new and cool especially when technology is involved. It lets me explore the inner nerd that has taken over 🙂

I also see the potential of Timeline as having the ability to allow people such as myself to use Facebook as a means to interact with family , close friends and collegues and use it as the amazing networking tool that it has become in my life.

Well today a friend and  collegue shared an amazing post which is always the case with Roseli A. Bakar of EzyBlogger Fame.  This post displayed a really cool tool that allow you to make a movie from your Facebook Timeline. How cool is that?  Well, I had to test it out, you just to make sure it worked properly. :-P. Take a look at the video below. Also check out the additional resources section which will give you much more practical advice on implementing Facebook Timeline.

In the meantime, use Timeline Movie Maker to make your own movie

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#Google+ is #SocialSearch, do you LIKE The +1 Button? You’d BETTER….

like Google Plus

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Google+ and I believe that it is a serious game changer.  Although there are many that would argue that Google+ is just for a bunch of social media folks that are puffed up on their own importance. Not my words.  Personally, I don’t see it that way, I do however see it as another platform to engage with a different demographic of people.

All social media platforms have different demographics of followers and Google+ is no different. I think that it is somewhat misunderstood because the platform opened and a lot of the early adopter social media people were the first to arrive. Well that is what social media & Internet Marketing focused people do, especially early adopters.  Well due to the influx of early adopters I believe Google+ has recieve a bit of a bad rap for being the snooty, social elitist platform.

Even if there is a view that this platform is for the social media elite, if you are in business why would you not want to tap that demographic? Also most importantly demographics of any platform are constantly growing and changing with technology.  As a business person it is wise NOT to rule out any avenue of business and engagement.

English: Google+ wordmark

Since we now know that Google+ is really about to put a spin on the game of social media and search, wouldn’t it be an opportune time to tap that additional demographic, expand our horizons and go ahead and hit that +1 more. Better yet, live dangerously and hit it a few times, then throw caution to the wind and add it to your WordPress site.

No need to fight the power 🙂 on this one Google+ is about to rock your technological world, it’s best to be prepared. So I advise learning to LIKE the +1.

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#SocialMedia Meets Video: Have You Tried #CHILL yet


I know…I know….ANOTHER Social Media Platform. YEAH Yeah…However we are after all in a growing technology boom so there will continue to be lots of new and exciting social media platforms introduced. We should maybe view it as an opportunity to get involved with something new and cool and NOT ..”OOOO MMM GGG…Another Social Media platform.” Ok, mini rant over.

I am a bit of a self proclaimed early adopter and I really like to try all of the new social media platforms as I hear about them. I stick with the ones that are cool and that are beneficial to my brand, those that are not sort of fade away. I use my XeeMe Profile to keep track of them all.

Well, I signed up for Chill a while ago but it was one that sort of faded away. However recently there was a bit of a burst of people in my social media circles connecting so I had an opportunity to visit the platform again. I do believe they made a lot of improvements to the interface and I LOVE it. The premise behind Chill is a place to “hang out” and watch videos with your friends. The interface is a bit like Pinterest but for video.  Check it out when you have an opportunity!

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