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What You Need To Do Before #Facebook Timeline Is Implemented

After getting a sneak peak at the Facebook convention when Timeline was introduced to the world, I was very excited to get it moving and to implement this for my Facebook profile. So, since I was a Facebook developer I had an opportunity to move forward with Timeline immediately. I actually thought that the roll out would be right behind. However that has not been the case, it has not rolled out and many have NOT moved forward with Timeline. I cant imagine why, because it is really cool.

Well Facebook will be rolling out the official Timeline for all sooner rather than later for those that are ready or not.  So for all that have resisted the urge to upgrade, it is time.  The layout is very different than the old layout that we are use to.  I am very biased but I really LOVE the look of it, the functionality and the ability to customize it.

Check Before you Implement Timeline

  • Check your settings: I do know that all of your setting are suppose to move over; however, I would check them anyway.
  • Check your lists if you had lists: Like settings, these were suppose to carry over to Timeline but I would check them just to make sure. I do remember that the lists that I had displayed on my front page before I implemented Timeline were no longer on display but they lists were still intact, but no longer displayed
  • Check for old post that you may not want to be viewed: This was a biggie for me, because I had an old rant or two that was no longer applicable LOL that I did not want displayed in my Timeline. So make sure you go through and delete any posts that you may not want displayed.  Unless you are an angel and never used Facebook to rant. Don’t judge me people. 🙂
Cool Perks
  • Add a cool Cover Photo : You will have the ability to add a cool photo as a focus point on your Timeline. This is really cool!
  • Hide From TimeLine: When people post crap to your page you can hide it. Oops did I say that? LOL Well unless you want to display all your Farmville, Castleville, WasteOfTimeVille postings. Now you can opt to hide them easily, if you chose to do so.
  • Post View List: When you post anything you have an, easy to use option, that allows you to display posts to different people, lists etc. So you can select to display certain posts to different groups of people. Now you don’t have to worry about your boss seeing the holiday party pics but you can opt to show them them to the friends that got wasted and made fools of themselves. Not that you would do that or anything. 🙂
  • Life Events: Is really cool, it allows you to add things that are important in your life from the past and present. You can add, wedding, anniversaries, births, graduations and more.

If you are ready, why wait for it to roll out get it now!

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#Farmville & Other Zynga Games go Gift Card….


As usual, I was late in picking up a card for Father’s Day for my dad because I have detachment issues when I leave my computer for long periods of time 😛 Kidding ( a little)  Well as I ventured to pick through what was left of the Fathers Day Cards I promised myself that I would pop back by to sift through Gift Cards that my father would use and not toss aside to the pile of useless gift cards that he has from places that he would never visit.   So I found the perfect card which involved humor and giving credit to my dad for my imaginary brilliance. LOL

Now it was time for the elusive search for gift cards, First choice was Home Depot, the second was, well I didn’t know but was willing to seek and find. I found a Dunkin Donuts card which is better than Home Depot. EXCITED!  As I was searching I notice an entire section of gift cards for Zynga Games, Famville, Zooville and more. My question is why would one need a gift card for a free Facebook Game. I do admit to having a temporary addiction to Farmvile that was cured by grad school. I do not remember anything that required payment of any sort. What would one buy with a gift card? Is it now a requirement to play. So I guess I’m really wondering if all online games will cross to outside of the scope of the original context of the game to the gift card business? If so as players will is soon be a requirement to pay to play. Is this the NEW form of Gamification?

As usual, I welcome comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. So feel free to comment, catch me on Twitter or post directly to my Facebook Wall.

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