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Technology And Education, Let The Evolution BEGIN [Infographic]

Technology And Education, Let The Evolution BEGIN

As a person that has taught in a technology forum,  I have a love for education and the integration of technology in this field.  Additionally as a parent, I feel as if education MUST change if we want to compete in this technology focused world, and change has to happen at the early childhood level NOT just the college level.  This is imperative if we want to prepare our children for the real world.  As a nation we must refocus our attention on schools, adding technology and addressing all areas that are lacking in regard to creating a more technology focused educational system for the coming generations.

It is really not optional, it is something that must be done and it must start at the Pre-school level if we want our children to be prepared to co-exist with technology in a world that is becoming more technology focused every day.  Actually technology is moving so fast that is not growing at a daily pace but more of a minute by minute pace. This is one of the reasons that embracing technology at the preschool level is imperative.

Although technology has grown,  the way in which we teach our children especially in the public school systems has not changed as much as it needs to, if we want to set our children up for success.  When I was in elementary school, there wasn’t a need to change education to include technology as we were NOT in a technology focused world. However, that is not the case now, changes need to happen at the preschool level and onward to prepare our kids for college which has embraced technology.  Not doing so is creating a divide that we may not have the ability to be bridge if it is allowed to go without being addressed much longer.

Take a quick look at the video below which will give you an idea of our lack of evolution in regard to education and how we seriously need to change how we view education as a whole.

As stated earlier, I grew up during a time when there was a lack of technology in schools, but it was during a different era. Times were very different, and technology was not a primary focus of anything, let alone EVERYTHING as it is now.  However when I ventured into a technology field at the second phase of my career I was immediately hooked and realized the importance of technology and the role that it could play in our lives,  the lives of our children and in our entire future.  This is one of the reasons that I returned to school. Also,  I just needed to be a part of the historical growth of all things related to technology.

When I decided to return to school for Internet Marketing 3 years ago, technology was no where near as advanced as it is now and that was just 3 years ago.  The super quick growth of mobile devices and tables have really pushed the growth of technology at a exponential rate of speed. It is quite astounding! I do not anticipate the rate of growth slowing down anytime soon.

There has been tremendous growth of technology usage at the higher education level which is amazing but I would love to see MORE education initiatives to prepare younger children which could bridge the gap between preschool and the higher education level.  For a person that is heavily involved and vested in the growth of technology I see any growth as  phenomenal thing and I am looking forward to seeing what will come in the not so near future, especially in the area of Pre-K to 12th grade education.

Take a look at the Infographic below to display just how far we’ve come in the usage of technology in the field of education.

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Major Ed-Tech Trends for 2013

As usual, I welcome any thought, comments or questions; good, bad, ugly or indifferent. You can catch up with me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+

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Technology, Social Media and Higher Education

Higher Education as we know it has changed some over the years but not drastically. I cannot say the same for technology and the people using technology, both of which have change so much in such a short period of time.  I am one that embraced the Internet wave in the 90’s and I am totally riding this new technology wave that we are experiencing currently.  To even call it a technology wave is minimizing it’s impact on the world.

Social Media has literally taken us by storm and has changed how we communicate, engage with others and even how we do business. It has become such an essential part of our lives in such a short span of time.  I love the changes and how its given us the ability to interact with so many people from all over the world.  I have learned so much from some of the people that I interact with on a daily basis from so many different countries.

A huge part of Social Media has been learning, that’s why the natural progression of social media usage should move into education. The possibilities and benefits of Social Media usage in all classrooms are almost endless, but movement into a college and university setting is almost essential for the growth of student education.

So many Universities are recognizing the benefits of a more technology driven education system by adopting online education, but I have yet to hear of Social Media being used as a complement to the curriculum. I would love to see more Social Media use by professors to open the door of communication with students.  New students are totally engrossed in technology, social media and most are constantly glued to their mobile device. This is why it is almost essential that colleges and universities start to embrace and integrate these technologies into their teaching methodologies.  It could act to open the door of communication with students, extend the reach of the professor and ultimately to drag some higher education establishments out of the dark ages.

A few easy ways that college professors could integrate social media:

  • Create a Facebook Page for your class: This could be used to post essential information about the class, the expectations etc. It would allow instant interaction between student and professor.
  • Create a Facebook Group as well: This could act as an avenue for students to talk, engage and get to know one another.  Students could also ask questions, gain feedback and hold discussions about coursework, projects and other expectations.
  • Create a Blog for your class: The blog could have the class syllabus, course outline, grading procedures etc.  This is great because students are mobile and this would be a great channel for students to log in and find out essential information about the class right from their mobile device.  There could even be posts that include research tips, reading materials etc.
  • Add QR Codes to the mix as well!
These few step could allow students that are more mobile to always have access to essential information needed to help them succeed in this increasingly technology focused world.    I would love to know your thoughts, opinions, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. Feel free to post your opinion here, catch me on Twitter or post your question directly to my Facebook Wall.

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