I am a tad bit focused on technology, OK I wallow in it, eat, breathe and sleep technology. I sometimes wonder if we focus on it to much. OK not really, I wonder if other people think there’s to much focus.  Are people Wow’d by the technology or overwhelmed? Do people just want to go back in time a bit?

I graduated last year around this time with a Masters Degree in Internet Marketing and just within the past year technology has grown by leaps and bounds. I am very excited by the technology growth. I look forward to more things involving the growth of Social Media, QRcodes, Cloud Computing, NFC/Mobile Payment, Augmented Reality, Virtual worlds & Semantic Web, just to name a few.  Although I see extreme excitement within my immediate crowd, outside of it I get a feeling that people are overwhelmed by the super quick growth and fast pace. I wonder how people handle such quick growth that is not slowing down.

As a person on the older end of the Gen. X crowd I just don’t see the excitement about technology within my age group as I do with the younger generations.  I see a mixture of conformity and “What the Hell.” With technology growing so much and at a such a quick rate of speed, should there be a pause button? If there was a pause button what would we all stop to learn?

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