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The #N00b Guide To Using #SocialMedia To Promote an Event

The #N00b Guide To Using #SocialMedia To Promote an Event
The #N00b Guide To Using #SocialMedia To Promote an Event

Social Media utilized for businesses purposes is relatively new in comparison to traditional marketing strategies. Social media used to promote events and seminars have been compared to word of mouth marketing, which has been around for quite a while. Similar to word of mouth marketing, social media used correctly offers the unique opportunity to gain a tremendous amount of exposure for events and seminars.

One of the most important things about using Social Media effectively is to know your channels, followers and audience. The user demographic on all social media channels is very different, so when sending your message by way of social media it is good to keep this in mind.

Channels that you should incorporate into your marketing strategy:


Facebook: Is one of the most powerful social media channels available. It presents you with the opportunity to harness this power to expose your seminars and events to, not only your friends and followers, but the friends and followers of your friends as well.

Seminars and events:

  • Facebook Business Page: If you do not have a Facebook Business Page, you should create one. This presents you with the opportunity to have people “LIKE” your page AND you can now market to them. Facebook page followers usually prefer that you post two to three times per day.
    • Upon creation of your business page, make sure you add content about your business, and or what you do. If the primary focus of your business is seminars and events, make sure you list as much detail as possible about what kinds of events and seminars you conduct.
    • Creation of a Facebook Cover page is very important. This allows people that have liked your page to get an idea of what you do and what your business is all about within a few seconds, just by viewing your cover page. The Facebook cover photo dimensions are 315px x 851px. You can find a cheat sheet of all social media images sizes online. Remember to view the Facebook cover photo terms of usage.
  • Facebook Events: This is a great channel that you can use to create and promote your events.
    • Personal Page Events: If you have people that you are connected to on your personal page, you can utilize this avenue to invite them to your event. If you have never created an event you can find instructions on The Facebook Help Page.
    • Business Page Events: You also have the ability to create events on your business page. You can find instructions for that on the Facebook Fan Page Event Help Page.


English: Tweeting bird, derived from the initi...

Twitter: Is a very different platform than Facebook because it lends itself to a more conversational tone and followers are extremely tolerant to more sharing of content. This is especially the case if you provide information that is helpful to them in addition to your self-promotion pieces. Most of the people that are following you on Twitter are following because they are interested in what you are sharing, your events, promotions etc. So, they are very open to 140 character short bursts of information about what you have going on. Just remember to also include useful content, NOT just self-promotion content.

Seminars and events:

  • Just like Facebook, make sure you create a bio for yourself. Add your website or blog URL if you have either.
  • Create a twitter header image; the size should be 1500 x 500. If you have the ability to create multiple graphic headers you should consider using different graphics to promote each of your events. If you chose to go this route make sure you have a basic graphic to use for your header image that will be utilized after your events and perfect for general purposes.
  • Check out the Twitter Help page for more details about customizing your profile.
  • Strategy: At one time people just tweeted, but this, like any other social media activity, has evolved.
    • Scheduling Tweets: It is a good idea to start tweeting about your event/seminar a few days ahead of your event, but it is essential the day before your event. Scheduling these tweets is advisable. Find our more in the Free Social Media Tools section below.
    • Live Tweeting: Is the latest rage now and if you can arrange this and if you think it may be beneficial to your events, it is advisable. Live Tweeting encourages engagement, your followers feel connected to you. Also, most importantly, everyone that is live tweeting with you is ALSO tweeting about your event to ALL of their followers. This is a way to extend the reach of your event, with the help of your followers.

TV has started utilizing live tweeting as an avenue to increase engagement among fans and actors and it has proven to very successful. So live tweeting during events is something to consider. Twitter recently quantified the impact of live tweeting during television events.


Vine: Was considered rather silly when it first arrived but later people realized how powerful this platform could be for engagement and social sharing. Vine is an app that allows you to video very small snippets of video and loops them together. They are easily shared and people LOVE them. Twitter owns Vine so it is really easy to share between these two platforms. Tide is a company that has successfully utilized Vine for marketing campaigns.


LiveStream: Is a platform that allows you to live stream your event by way of video. This could provide a great avenue to expose your event to people while it is taking place. This platform actually allows you to engage with those that are watching your event as well. This is a very powerful channel that should be added to your arsenal of tools.


LinkedIn: Is one of the most power social media platforms utilized primarily for businesses purposes, and they have absolutely NO competition in this space. For business events/seminars it is essential that LinkedIn is utilized.

Seminars and events:

  • Connecting: LinkedIn is a powerful platform in which to connect and network with like-minded professionals. It started out as a platform, which was viewed as an online resume, however they have grown beyond this due to a variety strategic company acquisitions.
  • Company Page: Is an essential part of keeping your network abreast of what you are doing, your events and seminars.
  • Groups: Is an area that should be utilized to present yourself as an authority in your industry. It can also be used to promote your events and seminars.
  • Articles: Pulse is the newest option that is really being aggressively pushed by LinkedIn. This portion of the site allows you to post articles directly to LinkedIn, instead of using an outside blogging platform. This is a very powerful tool because when you have completed your article and it’s posted, everyone in your network will be notified that you just posted a new article for the LinkedIn Pulse .


Slideshare: Is a great platform that allows you to post PowerPoint and Keynote presentations to a social format. This allows followers to view, share and embed your presentations to their blogs, websites etc.

  • LinkedIn owns Slideshare so your Slides can also be incorporated into your LinkedIn Profile using the LinkedIn Slideshare app.


Seminars and events: If you utilize a PowerPoint for your event or seminar, AFTER you’ve completed your event/seminar, you could post your slides for those that were unable to attend your event.


Google: We all know the power of Google, so utilizing some of what Google has to offer is a definite MUST for promoting your seminars and events.

  • Google Plus: Is one of the most powerful, yet underutilized social media platforms. The biggest benefit of using Google plus is that content shared on Google plus is factored into search results and will increase your search rank. Your Google+ Page will allow your personal page, your business page and YouTube channel to work together seamlessly to help you to promote your business, seminar or event.


Seminars and events:

  • Get started by creating a personal Google plus page.
  • Just like Facebook and Twitter, you have an area to create a cover page. The dimensions are 1192 x 2120. This space, just like for all of these platforms is very important because it is “prime real estate”, so you can announce different real estate like burnaby condos for sale or other properties. The cover page presents you with the opportunity to showcase your talents, display your unique value proposition, and promote yourself and your events.
  • You can get started using the Google plus Get Started



  • Google Plus Events: Is a platform that allows you to create an event and invite those that follow you. To find out more about events, check out the Google Plus Events Page.


Seminars and events: This event option should be used at least one week before your event, if possible. You can easily post your seminar or event to this platform and share it with your followers. What’s good about inviting people to your event is that the friends of the person attending your event will also be notified about your event. This is a great way to extend the reach of your seminar or event past just the people you are connected to.

  • Google Local: IS an amazing and free way to present your business locally. This page, after created is extremely powerful because it utilizes Google Maps in search results, so your business can be found.


Seminars and events: Make sure your contact information is up to date so you will be found in search locally. Start by verifying your business with Google Local.


  • YouTube: Is the second most searched platform and one of the most utilized platforms online. People love to watch and share videos, so this platform is a “must “when promoting event/seminars and businesses.


Seminars and events: If you have the capabilities to create a short video about your upcoming event, you could share that on your social media channels to create a buzz about your event or seminar. Creating YouTube videos are a lot easier than they use to be, due to smart phones.



Social Media is free if you don’t count the amount of time that it takes to fully take advantage of its benefits. If you go by the “time is money” philosophy, social media might not be considered free at all.   The key to utilizing social media to harness the power to promote is taking advantage of ALL of the available tools used to help you work smarter not harder.

Scheduling tools will become your friend and FREE scheduling tools will become your BEST friend. There are a variety of available FREE social media tools to help you manage your time, while giving you the ability to take advantage of all that social media has to offer. You can select to utilize a few or all of them depending on what meet your needs.   I use a combination of Facebook scheduling for Pages, Buffer and I use Facebook scheduling for pages to schedule my page posts, Buffer to schedule Google plus and Twitter if I have a small amount to post and if I need to schedule a large quantity of Twitter posts.

  • Facebook Scheduling for Pages: This was one of the best things ever for people that use Facebook pages to promote their events, seminars and or businesses. To find out more about scheduling posts on your Facebook Page, go the Facebook Help Page.
  • Buffer: Is one of the best social media scheduling platforms available. Buffer offers a free option and an upgraded version, which includes advanced scheduling options and analytics for your posts. The free version allows you to schedule up to 10 posts on 2 different social media platforms.   I like FREE, so I utilize all free options on all platforms.
  • is a FREE platform that allows you to schedule posts for Twitter or your personal Facebook page. This is great if you have a larger quantity of tweets to schedule.


Blogs are a great way to promote events and seminars at your own pace and timeline. Your blog allows you the freedom to post content about upcoming events weeks ahead of time to build a buzz about the event. These blog posts can additionally be posted to social media channel to further extend the reach of the seminar or event.

A few things that should be considered as additions to your blog:

  • Add a calendar of events, this allows your readers to see current and future events and seminars. They can plan to attend your event in advance.
  • Add as section/page for EVENTS/SEMINARS to your navigation; this allows your blog readers to plan for future events. In this section you could also add a submenu.
    • Include a Past Events section in the submenu of your navigation. You can add pictures, videos and other content from past events.
    • Include a Future Events section in the submenu of your navigation, which allows your readers to see what events are coming soon.

Good Luck!


As usual, I welcome comments good, bad, ugly or indifferent. I can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.  So follow, circle and  reach out!





Social Media and Customer Service [Infographic]

Social Media & Customer Service


Social Media had become a real force to be reckoned with in the past two years or so and one of the areas that has been directly effected is customer service.  Social Media is a great thing for customers because they now have the opportunity to reach out and connect to companies that they are dealing with. They have the ability, thanks to social media to see the people behind the organizations that they are dealing with.


The ability for customers to reach out and learn more about the companies that they are doing business with is a huge thing for the customers but for companies that are not on their A game, not so much. This is primarily one of the reasons that companies must be diligent about creating a positive social media presence for themselves.


Take a look at the infographic below to give you an idea of how much social media has changed customer service.


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Has Social Media Replaced Traditional Media For Breaking Relevant News?

For Breaking News its Social Media All The Way

Social Media has really become such an important part of our lives that it is very natural when something happens we check Facebook or Twitter first. At one time people would turn on the radio or their television sets to hear any breaking news, that is no longer the case due to social media.  What is so weird is that I don’t even think about consulting TV or radio when I hear news, I go immediatly to Twitter or to my Facebook wall.


A prime example of this is breaking news about Whitney Houston. I found out by way of my son who reported that there were people talking about her death on his Facebook page. Still I didn’t chose to check in by turning on my TV or radio but I went immediatly to my Facebook page, then Googled Whitney Houston to find our more information.  It seems that Twitter broke the news of Whitney Houston’s death almost 30 minutes before traditional press channels.


This is a prime example of how important social media has become in our lives and in the lives of those around us. This is a very sad demonstration of the importance of social media but it does make a person think and recognize how important social media has become to our lives.

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#Google+, #SocialSearch and #Internet Domination: Pay Attention

Google Plus IS Social Search

Google + is the new kid on the block in regard to Social Media. The platform still, in fact has that oh so new smell to it.   People want to peak and explore a bit but they are reluctant to dive in.  I remember in the early 90’s when there was another new kid on the block that was thrown into the Search fray with the, then heavy hitters, Dogpile, AskJeeves, Looksmart, Metacrawler and Yahoo. That new kid on the blog was Google and as the new kid on the block, pre acquisitions, were very different than they are now.

I did, in fact age myself by voluntarily admitting that I do remember when there was once NO Google. Can you imagine?  Back then, we did not Google anything we searched.  That we now, GOOGLE and NOT search is an indication of the power of Google. I would even venture to say that Google IS THE INTERNET. Yes I said it.  As a person that remembers the time before Google became a powerhouse, I tell you now not to minimize Google+.  People that have been around the Internet since the early 90’s and Internet Marketers totally understand what I am saying. The youngin’s may not understand so let me provide a few facts.

Search is now dominated and OWED by Google, which has traditional Google search which remains the #1 avenue to search and YouTube which is #2 in search.  So, when we go online we automatically go to Google, the same goes for video and YouTube. If I started naming the additional services that Google provides, I would be typing forever and you all would probably get caught reading this while you’re suppose to be working. 🙂  We all know that Google is a  force to be reckoned with and that they are practically unstoppable in Search. We also know that past attempts at Social Media were not so successful.

Social Media as we know it is relatively new and has really taken off beyond anything that we could ever imagine. Zuckerberg is, I’m sure even surprised by the way in which people have embraced Facebook. So needless to say, I’m sure Google had a “What the Hell” moment for quite a while. A huge powerhouse like Google had to be reeling at the popularity of Facebook and the shift in the attention toward Facebook and away from search.  As most powerhouses go, they could not allow the shift away from their platform, so Google came up with an answer. They initially, failed horribly and tried to answer again, and I’m sure to their surprise were again reeling at the continued failure at moving into the elusive Social Media Marketing that Facebook had continued to dominate.

So the “regroup and game on” movement started with Google moving into the realm of social media. The first power move on the part of Google that was pretty much minimized by most, was the addition of the +1. People were like what the heck???  However as a strategic marketer and person that has continued to acknowldege and admire the brilliance behind Google I stored the +1 in the back of my mind, knowing somehow that it would indeed be important. Internet users and marketers became accustomed to seeing the +1 along side of the “LIKE” the we all just LOVE.

Then all of a sudden BAM, (yes I just said BAM 🙂 ) Google pushes out Google+ , Internet Marketers and most industry people that have been around since the 90’s recognized the power play and scrambled to be a part of the new social platform. Early adopters moved toward Google plus with purpose, set up their space  and recognized history in the making. Yes I am being very dramatic!  Think about this, Social was the last area in which Google had NOT dominated, now they push out Google+ and it is NOT a failure like past attempts.

Google had a chance to work through the failed social attempts, analyze what is working with different social platforms, what is failing with others and build upon that knowledge to create the social media platform of the future. Yes I said it!

As a strategic thinker you MUST think about the big picture Google search, YouTube, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Blogger, Google Chrome, Google Chrome Books, Picasso and more.  The +1’s are now integrated into Google+, The +1  will be showing up in search results, Google+  is fully integrated into Search and I anticipate more Google Services to be integrated into Google+. Just picture some of the service that we know of, integrated into one platform. It would be like Facebook on steroids.  Imagine accessing your computer, having access to your friends, all of your Google Services, Video and more easily at your fingertips in one platform. Most importantly, as a Internet Marketer or business owner, consider the integration of your social media engagement factoring into the elusive search algorithm. This is what Google+ has the potential to bring to its users.

None of this is said to minimize the importance of Facebook because I think its a very important social media platform and I think it will continue to play a huge role in engagement and social interaction. However I believe that Google+ is the future of Social Media, with the merging of the power of all Google products/services, search and social.  The future of the Internet is Social Search and Google+ IS SOCIAL SEARCH.
Google Plus IS Social Search
Take a look at the chart below, this will give you and idea of how HUGE  Google is, the amazing acquisitions they’ve made and how powerful a platform these acquisitions could make if only a portion of them were integrated within the Google+ platform.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again, do NOT make the mistake of focusing so much attention on Facebook, Twitter and the other popular social media platforms that you ignore or minimize this powerful social platform in the making. Facebook is the present, but Google+ could very well be the future.

Acquisitions: Provided by Wikipedia

Number Acquisition date Company Business Country Value (USD) Used as, integrated with
1 February 12, 2001 Deja Usenet  USA Google Groups [1]
2 September 20, 2001 Outride Web search engine  USA Google Personalized Search(iGoogle) [2]
3 February 2003 Pyra Labs Weblog software  USA Blogger [3]
4 April 2003 Neotonic Software Customer relationship management  USA Google GroupsGmail [4]
5 April 2003 Applied Semantics Online advertising  USA $102,000,000 AdSenseAdWords [5]
6 September 30, 2003 Kaltix Web search engine  USA iGoogle [6]
7 October 2003 Sprinks Online advertising  USA AdSenseAdWords [7]
8 October 2003 Genius Labs Blogging  USA Blogger [8]
9 May 10, 2004 Ignite Logic HTML editor  USA Google Sites [9]
10 July 13, 2004 Picasa Image organizer  USA PicasaBlogger [10]
11 September 2004 ZipDash Traffic analysis  USA Google Maps for Mobile [11]
12 October 2004 Where2 Map analysis  AUS Google Maps [12]
13 October 27, 2004 Keyhole, Inc Map analysis  USA Google MapsGoogle Earth [13]
14 March 28, 2005 Urchin Software Corporation Web analytics  USA Google Analytics [14]
15 May 12, 2005 Dodgeball Social networking service  USA Google Latitude [15]
16 July 2005 Reqwireless Mobile browser  CAN Google Mobile [16]
17 July 7, 2005 Current Communications Group Broadband Internet access  USA $100,000,000 Internet backbone [17]
18 August 17, 2005 Android Mobile software  USA $50,000,000 est.[18] Android [19]
19 November 2005 Skia Graphics software  USA AndroidGoogle Chrome [20]
20 November 17, 2005 Akwan Information Technologies Search Engines  BRA Internet backbone [21]
21 December 27, 2005 Phatbits Widget engine  USA Google Desktop [22]
22 December 31, 2005 allPAY GmbH Mobile software  GER Google Mobile [23]
23 December 31, 2005 bruNET GmbH Mobile software  GER Google Mobile [23]
24 January 17, 2006 dMarc Broadcasting Advertising  USA $102,000,000 AdSense [24]
25 February 14, 2006 Measure Map Weblog software  USA Google Analytics [25]
26 March 9, 2006 Upstartle Word processor  USA Google Docs [26]
27 March 14, 2006 @Last Software 3D modeling software  USA Google Sketchup [27]
28 April 9, 2006 Orion Web search engine  AUS Google Search [28]
29 June 1, 2006 2Web Technologies Online spreadsheets  USA Google Spreadsheet [29][30]
30 August 15, 2006 Neven Vision Germany GmbH Computer vision (Face detectionFacial recognition system)  GER Picasa & Google Goggles [31]
31 October 9, 2006 YouTube Video sharing  USA $1,650,000,000 YouTube [32][33]
32 October 31, 2006 JotSpot Web application  USA Google Sites [34]
33 December 18, 2006 Endoxon Mapping  CHE $28,000,000 Google Maps [35]
34 February 16, 2007 Adscape In-game advertising  USA $23,000,000 AdSense [36]
35 March 16, 2007 Trendalyzer Statistical software  SWE Google Analytics [37]
36 April 17, 2007 Tonic Systems Presentation program  USA Google Docs [38]
37 April 19, 2007 Marratech Videoconferencing  SWE $15,000,000 Google Talk [39]
38 April 13, 2007 DoubleClick Online advertising  USA $3,100,000,000 AdSense [40][41][42]
39 May 11, 2007 GreenBorder Computer security  USA Google Chrome [43]
40 June 1, 2007 Panoramio Photo sharing  ESP Panoramio [44]
41 June 3, 2007 FeedBurner Web feed  USA $100,000,000 FeedBurner [45]
42 June 5, 2007 PeakStream Parallel processing  USA Server (computing) [46]
43 June 19, 2007 Zenter Presentation program  USA Google Docs [47]
44 July 2, 2007 GrandCentral Voice over Internet Protocol  USA $45,000,000 Google Voice [48][49]
45 July 20, 2007 ImageAmerica Aerial photography  USA Google Maps [50]
46 July 9, 2007 Postini Communications security  USA $625,000,000 Gmail [51]
47 September 27, 2007 Zingku Social networking service  USA Google Mobile [52]
48 October 9, 2007 Jaiku Microblogging  FIN Google Mobile [53]
49 July 30, 2008 Omnisio Online video  USA $15,000,000 YouTube [54]
50 September 12, 2008 TNC (Tatter and Company) Weblog software  KOR Blogger [55]
51 August 5, 2009 On2 Video compression  USA $133,000,000 WebM & YouTube [56]
52 September 16, 2009 reCAPTCHA Security  USA Google Books [57]
53 November 9, 2009 AdMob Mobile advertising  USA $750,000,000 [58]
54 November 9, 2009 Gizmo5 Voice over Internet Protocol  USA $30,000,000 Google Talk [59]
55 November 23, 2009 Teracent Online advertising  USA AdSense [60]
56 December 4, 2009 AppJet (EtherPad) Collaborative real-time editor  USA Google WaveGoogle Docs [61]
57 February 12, 2010 Aardvark Social search  USA $50,000,000 Aardvark [62]
58 February 17, 2010 reMail Email Search  USA Gmail [63]
59 March 1, 2010 Picnik Photo Editing  USA $5,000,000 Picasa [64][65]
60 March 5, 2010 DocVerse Microsoft Office files sharing site  USA $25,000,000 Google Docs [66]
61 April 2, 2010 Episodic Online video platform start-up  USA YouTube [67]
62 April 12, 2010 PlinkArt Visual search engine Mobile start-up  UK Google Goggles [68]
63 April 20, 2010 Agnilux Server technology start-up  USA [69]
64 April 27, 2010 LabPixies Gadgets  ISR [70]
65 April 30, 2010 BumpTop Desktop environment  CAN $30,000,000 Android [71]
66 May 20, 2010 Simplify Media Music syncing  UK Android [72]
67 May 21, 2010 Travel  USA Google [73]
68 June 3, 2010 Invite Media Advertising  USA $81,000,000 DoubleClick [74]
69 July 1, 2010 ITA Software Travel technology  USA $676,000,000 Google Flights [75][76]
70 July 16, 2010 Metaweb Semantic search  USA [77]
71 August 2010 Zetawire Mobile paymentNFC  CAN Android [78]
72 August 4, 2010 Instantiations Java/Eclipse/AJAX Developer Tools  USA Google Web Toolkit [79][80]
73 August 5, 2010 Social gaming  USA $228,000,000 [81]
74 August 10, 2010 Jambool Social Gold payment  USA $70,000,000 [82]
75 August 15, 2010 Visual Search Engine  USA $100,000,000 [83][84]
76 August 30, 2010 Angstro Social networking service  USA [85]
77 August 30, 2010 SocialDeck, Inc. Social gaming  CAN [86]
78 September 13, 2010 Quiksee Online video  ISR $10,000,000 Google Maps [87]
79 September 28, 2010 Plannr Schedule Management  USA Google Calendar [88][89]
80 October 1, 2010 BlindType Touch typing  GRE Android [90][91]
81 December 3, 2010 Phonetic Arts Speech synthesis  UK Google VoiceGoogle Translate [92]
82 December 3, 2010 Widevine Tecnologies DRM  USA Google TV [93]
83 January 13, 2011 eBook Technologies E-book  USA Google Books [94]
84 January 25, 2011 SayNow Voice Recognition  USA Google Voice [95]
85 January 26, 2011 fflick Social networking service  USA $10,000,000 YouTube [96][97]
86 March 1, 2011 Zynamics Security  GER [98][99]
87 March 7, 2011 Price comparison service  UK £37,700,000 Google Advisor [100][101]
88 March 7, 2011 Next New Networks Online video  USA YouTube [102]
89 March 16, 2011 Green Parrot Pictures Digital video  IRL YouTube [103]
90 April 8, 2011 PushLife Service provider  CAN $25,000,000 [104]
91 April 26, 2011 TalkBin Mobile software  USA Android [105]
92 May 23, 2011 Sparkbuy Price comparison service  USA Google Product Search [106]
93 June 3, 2011 PostRank Social media analytics service  CAN [107]
94 June 9, 2011 Admeld Online advertising  USA $400,000,000 DoubleClickInvite Media [108][109]
95 June 18, 2011 SageTV Media Center  USA Google TV [110]
96 July 8, 2011 Punchd Loyalty program  USA Google Wallet [111][112]
97 July 21, 2011 Fridge Social groups  USA Google+ [113]
98 July 23, 2011 PittPatt Facial recognition system  USA Android [114]
99 August 1, 2011 Dealmap One deal a day service  USA Google Offers [115]
100 August 15, 2011 Motorola Mobility Mobile device manufacturer  USA $12,500,000,000 AndroidGoogle TV [116][117]
101 September 7, 2011 Zave Networks Digital coupons  USA Google Offers [118]
102 September 8, 2011 Zagat Restaurant reviews  USA $151,000,000 Google Places [119][120][121]
103 September 19, 2011 DailyDeal One deal a day service  GER $114,000,000 Google Offers [122][123]
104 October 11, 2011 SocialGrapple Social Media analytics service  USA Google+ [124]
105 November 10, 2011 Apture Instantaneous search  USA Google Search [125]
106 November 14, 2011 Katango Social circle organization  USA Google+ [126]

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