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It’s A Brand New World, It’s Mobile And Is Your Organization Ready?

Just a few years ago people were feeling a sense of urgency to get a very basic web presence up and running. Now companies that panicked in creating that very basic website now have bigger issues if they have not moved beyond updating that website.


Organizations not only have to keep up with all of the changes with web creation vs content management systems, they now have to integrate mobile into the mix. With the integration of mobile platforms, organizations must be able to adapt marketing strategies for mobile while keeping up with the many changes that go along with those platforms.


It is a brand new world, that world is fast moving, powerful and can literally fit in your pocket. We are living in a world driven by mobile technology and users that need to have an ongoing source of information all the time and at their fingertips drive this. This is GREAT for people like me that are driven by technology, that have embraced this super quick moving technology but for businesses it can be tough keeping up. Especially if your organization is NOT technology focused.


So, not only do organizations have to adapt to mobile technology they MUST see that the dynamic that pushed the change are the people that are utilizing these technologies. PEOPLE are the driving force behind the change, they consume information differently, and they NEED to have information at their fingertips. So since organization MUST adapt their business strategy to incorporate mobile technology they must also understand that people have also changed. This understanding will help in visualizing the future sales and marketing strategies of their organizations.


At one time people were fine with consuming content by way of traditional sources such as newspapers,  radio, television and other printed materials. NOW there’s a wave of people that have limited interest in those forms of media. These are the people that are driving the super quick change and this is a huge demographic that organizations must adapt their content for and recognize that these people are the population that are driving the change.


Mobile technologies are growing at a quicker rate than any technology in history. Take a look at the infographic below to give you the what, when, how and why of this growth and what you need to do to adapt your organizational structure to capitalize from this growth.



Infographic Source: Infographic Source:  

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Higher Education Going Tech? Are You Ready For A Peek Of Higher Education in 2020? [Infographic]

By now we are ALL aware of how Digital Marketing has taken the world by storm.  We really don’t think about it because it was a process that happened so gradually. One minute we were flipping through the Fall Preview Guide of the TV Guide to see all of the next seasons shows and the next thing we know, we are viewing that edition ONLINE.


I was recently having a discussing about things and I mentioned to the person about the changes that have occured and how quickly. They gave me a puzzled look until I used the TV Guide Analogy.  We have really quite literally been taken over by Digital Media.  We use mobile phones for conversations, taking pictures, interacting with people and occasionally even talking on it. 😛  Although I prefer traditional paper books, the sales of traditionally books have been on a steady decline due to the increasing popularity of book readers like Nook, Kindle and iPad.   We have come a long way baby!


There will be NO industry left untouched by this historical growth of technology.  One of the industries that I would love to be enveloped, altered and changed for the better by this amazing Digital Technology boom is Education! I just had a conversation that started with politics and ended with education that detailed how education needs to be pulled from the manufacturing era into the technology era. Well, due to the growth of this technology era,  I believe it’s a possibility and I would LOVE to see how things could evolve.


Take a look at the infographic below that displays how education could benefit from a strong boost of the digital era.

Please include attribution to with this graphic.

The Future of Higher Education

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Social Search is Here and So Is Social Search Optimization: ARE YOU READY?

Social Search Optimization
I had a discussion a short while ago about the importance of social media to a business person in this era. My specific conversation revolved around the importance of Facebook for new and established businesses. I cannot stress enough that traditional marketing as we once knew it is over. O-V-E-R. I’m not saying that traditional marketing as it once was does not play a role in our daily lives, only that it has changed.  Think about the last time you picked up a traditional TV guide or magazine. Makes you say wow, right? It is imperative that your marketing plan surpass what was the norm years ago and embrace what is happening NOW.

Social Media has really taken business by storm and grown beyond that even. Social Media Campaigns have totally gone beyond posting/updating your Facebook page and Tweeting your deal of the day. As businesses we must be more strategic than that, we must engage our audience, focus on the social media channels that are good for our brand and monitor our insights to see if the content we are sharing is on target. So, social media campaigns are just that, campaigns and really go beyond just playing on Facebook.

One of the biggest game changers in the creation of effective social media strategies are  the merging of social media and search, I’ve talked about this for a few years now. This really involves utilizing social media channels in search results to increase search rank with Google. A huge player in this game will be Google+ although the naysayers would reject this theory. I have personally noticed an increase of my social media channels integrated in my search results and this has increased my organic search presence.

As an Internet Marketing company I visualize Social Search Optimization as a natural progression to utilizing social media, search and optimizing those channels for the most effective  social media campaigns ever.  It is truly time to take it to the next level, embrace the extreme change of marketing, rock your business and learn more about strategies that give your business an opportunity to compete with and maybe surpass its competitors. A company that is totally rocking this Social Search Optimization space is ThinkBigSites, appropriate name don’t ya’ think?

Are you ready to take your social media strategy to the next level?

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The Future Of Computing: This ROCKS Bring It On [Video]



I am a huge fan of the future of technology and I am so looking forward to some of the things that technology has to offer us moving forward.  I am still waiting for the flying cars that were featured on The Jetsons back in the day.

Well Corning is working on some amazing advancements in the future of technology by way of using Glass! Prepare yourself for awesome sauce!  Take a look at the videos below to give you and idea of how awesome this technology is and what role it will play in our very near future.

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#Google+ Just WENT #SocialSearch: You’d Better Reach OUT and Grasp This Platform


I have been speaking of the newness of Social Media as we know it now, all of the Social Media Channels that we should be using and how we should be rocking our blogs .  These are definitely channels that all business owner should have been using for a while and that we should be comfortable with by now. However we all do know that  its not the case because there are still many companies that have not reached out to grasp this new and exiting age of social media.  You all know the companies that I speak of, the ones that are still heavily depended on their fax machines, the companies that are still using AOL and that have absolutely no social media presence .

Not all companies have been totally lax in their grasp of technologies, some are a bit more up to speed on things. There are plenty of companies that have been utilizing SEO strategies and doing quite well.  Well now here comes the kicker, companies that are using SEO exlusively and companies that are not using social media or SEO at all, are about to have the rug pulled out from under them in the form of Google+

I know there is a huge back and forth about Google+ and its importance, blah, blah, blah..Google just changed the game for Internet Marketing, SEO and Social Media with the integration of Social Media by way of Google+ into search.  This is a game changer for those that are social media savvy, heavily involved with technology and SEO masters.  So those that are not, are beyond being behind the eight ball.  The introduction of Social Search by way of Google+  has turned the Digital Divide into a Grand Canyon sized Chasm. I predicted this last year with the introduction of Google+, in my post Google+ IS Social Search. 

The Game has changed, so I’d advise grabbing your thinking caps and putting them on folks.  There is an even steeper curve to climb now, some will conquer it and some will be collateral damage. Either way, please know that the Game has Changed.

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Google+, Panda, and Social Search


There is a lot of dialogue and misconception about Google+ which displays as minimizing this very important platform . Google+ is not only the one to pay attention to but this platform is a GAME CHANGER. Google has been planning for this for quite a while and tweaking all of their platforms accordingly.

Those involved in Internet Marketing Industries recognize the importance that Google+ will play in the future of the growth of the Internet now and in the very near future. I guess that is why most of the early adopters are strong advocates of this platform.

If we just take a minute to think about Google up until now we should realize how powerful this platform is going to be once all of the pieces are in place.  Google didn’t start as the powerhouse that it is now but the added pieces of the puzzle until they gained momentum and became the force to be reckoned with, that they are now.

Google recognized the power of social media, word of mouth, viral content and made a few attempts at trying to get in on the action. While continuing to dominate search they continued to move toward becoming more social and taking note of the errors of other social media platforms.

The roll out of the +1 was the first overt move toward a successful social platform, it moved Google users toward becoming acclimated to performing a social media action.  As we were performing actions we really didn’t see the big picture and what the reaction of that social media action would be because that was before Google painted the big picture for us or a portion of the big picture.  We all know for every action there is a reaction which is becoming evident now that Google has rolled out the Google+ social platform.

Google rolled out Google+ now those +1’s that we’ve been clicking are starting to make a bit more sense as they now are on display in our Google+ page.  Additionally the +1’s are now starting to show up in search results. WOW, that’s HUGE!  Google recognized the power of the Facebook “LIKE” and went with the +1 . What’s really REALLY different about this is that the Facebook Like remains within Facebook or on an individuals online platform by way of widget but the +1 WILL move within Google+ Social Platform,  and SEARCH results.  That’s the Game changer and that’s the beginning of Social Search.

So what we have is Google a dominating force, Social platforms, the power of word of mouth marketing by way of the +1 all rolled up with and mixed into the famous or infamous Google algorithm tweaked with Panda.  All of this creates what will change how we  view, process and search data.  I will say it again, Google+ is  Game Changer so you’d better pay attention.

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2012: How New Media Works, THE 12 Social Media Platforms Explained

I was having a discussion with Michael Q Todd about Social Media and platforms that are really rocking. It was a very informal, laid back but very informative discussion but these 12 platforms that have been rockin’ for me. After working to get my social media strategy where I want it, this is what i’ve come up with.

12 Platforms you should check out for 2012:  

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook


There are a lot of people that have issues with Facebook for whatever reason. STOP TRIPPIN’ people! Yeah I said it. Facebook, love it or hate it but they have around 800 million users and they are still growing. This is HUGE for your ability to build your brand. It’s not really about love or hate, frankly it’s about business, brand exposure and Cha-ching!

Facebook has now created an option to Subscribe. This is HUGE for people that use their personal Facebook page for networking, like me. This allows people that follow you on other channels to follow you on your Facebook personal page without becoming your friend. Remember if you opt to allow people to subscribe to your updates, remember to provide some information that would appeal to them and use the public option to post.

Facebook is a driving force behind social media and if you are smart you will take advantage of this to propel your brand. The new revamped Facebook Timeline with ability to offer people the opportunity to subscribe to your updates is HUGE for your brand. Add the power of the Facebook Business Page and that makes a power combination.

When you scoff at Facebook, think about which comparable platforms offer you the ability to reach up to 800 million people.  So if you have jumped off the Facebook bandwagon, I suggest jumping back on. 800 million people, there’s nothing to think about, just do it.

Twitter offers a HUGE opportunity to reach out to an unlimited amount of people, with 140 characters.  Things to keep in mind, don’t spam, don’t shove your marketing message and or sales pitch down the throats of your followers. They don’t care what your selling. REALLY. Twitter is about sharing content that is of value to your followers, NOT about you, your message and what you’re selling. The plus is that providing great content and valuable information will put you in a position to be viewed as an authority within your subject area. This will increase your chances of turning followers into potential clients, clients and or people to collaborate with.  Twitter is HUGE, use it.

Google +

Is the new kid on the block and is really being minimized by many. This is a platform that should be taken serious if nothing more than realizing that Google RAWKS. The Internet would NOT be the same if Google wasn’t a huge player. Google+ is not just a social media platform but a Game changer.  Google + will change the Internet as we know it like they did with the introduction of Google and the domination of the Internet since then. Google will take every platform that they own or that they plan to own and add it to Google+ to make it ROCK. BELIEVE IT! Google+ is the Game changer because it is the beginning of Social Search. Grab a Google+ Page for your business as well. Pay attention peeps.

Curation is a huge part of the future of the Internet, primarily because there is an abundance or over abundance of information floating about on the millions of social media channels. People are quite literally overwhelmed by the amount of information that is being chucked at them. Curationallows the curator to compile topics of interest by weeding through the information, finding what’s of relevance to their demographic of followers and supply that information to their followers. This is what is all about and you need to check it out.

Image representing Tumblr as depicted in Crunc...


Is an extremely social media oriented blogging platform that is easy to share, easy to follow and extremely popular. I use my Tumblr account everyday. Tumblr is great for supplying small segments of information, pictures and quotes to people that are interested in grabbing quick information.


Is one of the most powerful blogging platforms available now. I am a reformed WordPress basher that really didn’t get the big hoopla about WordPress until I used it myself. I was using Posterous as my primary blog platform of choice, they changed their format and IMHO Jumped the Shark. So, I was almost forced to look at the only blogging platform that I hadn’t tried  and that was WordPress.  I like the functionality of the free platform and I really REALLY love the self hosted option.  Since WordPress added the option to subscribe for most of the blogs, they are now the best in my book.  I use the Free format for everyday, uncomplicated blogging and the self hosted format for my more involved blogging needs.


Image representing StumbleUpon as depicted in ...

Is one of the most underutilized and underused formats in the social media game. Stumbleupon will give some serious juice to your content. I have included it as a sharing option on my blogs, I’ve added it to my Chrome Plugin and I Stumble every blog that I +1 and share. Use it!

Is one of the BEST Twitter management tools that I’ve ever used. I am usually not one for Twitter management tools;  However, I really LOVE  This platforms helps you to focus on people that are your most engaged members, supporters and influences. That’s huge because it allows you to know who is really in touch with your brand so you can actively engage with them. This is “For The Win” for creating an active and engaged Twitter following. also gives you an indication of those that have unfollowed you and those that you should consider unfollowing based on lack of engagement. This is a must in your arsenal for 2012. It is still in Beta and by invite only so if you want, grab INVITES

Empire Avenue

Is first and foremost a great way to meet some really AMAZING people, not just any people but the Social Media Elite ( my opinion) There are so many people in technology and social media related fields playing this social media stock market game.

What’s good about Empire Avenue is that it numerically rates your social media activity by  platform and assigns a dividend (div) amount based on how engaging your content is. The dividend is payed out daily to people that buy your shares, sort of like dividends in real stock market.

You can register as an individual or as a company. After you register, connect your social media channels and watch your share price and divs go up. There is a big drive to buy n00bs, because players have an opportunity to buy shares at a low price.

This game is not for the faint of heart. If you content sucks, your divs will suck and people unload your shares. The good thing is that share price and divs can give you an indication of things in your social media strategy that you may need to work on.  What’s more important than the gaming aspect, is that Empire Avenue offers players the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the most amazing, tech savvy people that they will ever meet.   Join, then chase down the Facebook Groups, Social Empire, Team Zen,  XBar and Eav Winners. Join the groups, learn the game and meet the amazing people behind the game.


I am still learning a lot about Twyla but this is one of the platforms that I will be using more. One of the HUGE things about Twyla that I like is the POWER TWEET. It allows you to create the most powerful tweet ever.  Twylah is still in Beta so you have to ask for invites.


Is Image driven Google juice. It is the “New” Hot Social Media Platform, although I hear it’s been around for a while. Either way everyone is jumping on it, primarily because people really love pics and that is the driving force behind Pinterest. It allows you to grab pics from online sources, Flickr, Urls and uploaded images and add to your boards. People can then share those images by repinning them. You can also embed the images, which is really cool. I just started using this and I really like it.


Is the ultimate source of Blog Juice! One of the things about blogging is the ability to get your content out there, shared, Tweeted etc. You can have the greatest blog out in the world with the most wonderful content but if no one reads it,  the content is almost irrelevant. Triberr is the key  to getting readers for your blog content.

Triberr allows a user to create a Tribe and add members to their tribe. All tribe members can add an RSS of their blog which then gives the tribe members an opportunity to share  this content with their Twitter followers.  This is huge for brand awareness, blog traffic, subscribers and potentially for meeting clients and collaborators.

When a person is invited to a Tribe they can then create a new Tribe of their own and invite members. Triberr is still in beta so you will need an invite, which are not really spread around like other Beta platforms. This is primarily because to offer an invite to Triberr is inviting that person into your Tribe.

The key to being successful with Triberr is being very selective about who you invite to your Tribe and careful about Tribes that you join. I find that it is best to have similar and or complementary content as the people in your Tribe.  Also, make sure any Tribe that you join have members that are willing to share your content with their Twitter followers as you are willing to share with yours. I’ve learned these things the hard way so I am very selective about Tribes that I join.  If you join a Tribe that does not meet your expectations there, just bounce. I would, I have and would do so again.

OK, those are my 12 things for 2012. Rock on!

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2012 Beginners Internet Marketing Guide

Internet Marketing 2012


During the holidays and through out the year I’ve encountered many companies that have amazing products to offer but are totally stuck in a time warp, as in how they really need to be marketing their amazing products and services. A company can have the most amazing, life altering product and or service to offer but if NO ONE knows about these services and products it’s irrelevant.

Technology has surpassed the time when a business could advertise a company in a small local free digest, take orders by telephone at your location or office. As a tech savvy society it is imperative that our companies grow with technology and not continue to hold on to old ways, now matter how comfortable.   We have also moved past the times when it was OK, to just have a website.  Needless to say, if you don’t even have a website, there is quite a bit of catching up to do.

I know that getting started if you are not on board with technology can seem like a daunting task.   So  a few steps that you can take to get on board with Internet Marketing in 2012.

  • Blog: A blog can be used in instead of a website or it can use do compliment a traditional website.  The most amazing thing about a blog is that it is serious GOOGLE JUICE, which means the format of blog can act to get pretty good exposure and increase Google ranking.  Blogs, as opposed to websites offer the ability to provide an ongoing flow of new content. That is of course depending on how much you post new content to a blog. The continuous posting of new and fresh content is one of the things that Google Bots search for on any web presence. So if you don’t have a blog, what are you waiting for start blogging.   I have have used practically every blogging format available, so I say go straight for the best and that’s WordPress. It is a great format and Google LOVES WordPress. is hosted by WordPress and is really pretty easy to get started. Then there is the full blow content management system of, which would be hosted by you.   Take a look at the Tutorial below, it will give you some tips on WordPress.  It is a recorded webinar so it is a little long but it will give you everything needed to get started.
  • Facebook Personal Page: I started my personal Facebook page as a way to connect with friends and family but it really has become a huge tool for networking. So now I use it 85% for networking 15% for connecting for friends and family. Facebook personal pages are for personal /networking use and there are Facebook Business Pages used to set up your business presence.  You need a Facebook personal page before you can set up a page for your business.
  • Facebook Business Page: Is a HUGE part of any Internet Marketing Strategy.  A Facebook Business Page is a GREAT compliment to your Blog. The page allows you an avenue to share your blog posts and additional information  with people that follow your page.  Also, people tend to search out Facebook Business pages sometimes in lieu of a traditional website, to find out more information about your company. So by NOT having a Facebook Business Page for your company you could potentially miss out on an opportunity to share information about your companies products and services. So if you don’t have a Facebook Business Page its very important to your company to capitalize on this FREE platform to promote your company. Remember, potential customers could be searching for your company on Facebook, so you want to make sure they are able to find you! So Create your Facebook Page today!
  • Twitter:  Is an often overlooked resource in creating a new social media strategy. Twitter is a great way to gain company exposure, increase brand awareness and potentially sales leads for your company.  You can also share blog posts by way of Twitter. Keep in mind that Twitter is NOT an avenue to shove your message at followers but more of an avenue to engage and share information that is of value to your followers. Twitter rocks and you should definitely get started with utilizing this powerful platform .
  • Google+ Profile:  Is a new social media platform to share content and interact with people.  Although it’s still new, the potential is huge as is any Google product or service.  As an early adopter of social media platforms I strongly encourage getting acclimated to this platform by setting up a profile.
  • Google+ Pages:  Pages are also really new but the potential is huge as I’m sure Google has huge plans for this new platform that is gaining popularity. One of the things that is really powerful about Google+ is that it’s a Google product and Google is known to really have exceptional service. Google+ is now starting to integrate posts from personal and pages in search results. So Google+ will have a huge effect on SEO.
As usual, I welcome any and all comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent.
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#Google+, #SocialSearch and #Internet Domination: Pay Attention

Google Plus IS Social Search

Google + is the new kid on the block in regard to Social Media. The platform still, in fact has that oh so new smell to it.   People want to peak and explore a bit but they are reluctant to dive in.  I remember in the early 90’s when there was another new kid on the block that was thrown into the Search fray with the, then heavy hitters, Dogpile, AskJeeves, Looksmart, Metacrawler and Yahoo. That new kid on the blog was Google and as the new kid on the block, pre acquisitions, were very different than they are now.

I did, in fact age myself by voluntarily admitting that I do remember when there was once NO Google. Can you imagine?  Back then, we did not Google anything we searched.  That we now, GOOGLE and NOT search is an indication of the power of Google. I would even venture to say that Google IS THE INTERNET. Yes I said it.  As a person that remembers the time before Google became a powerhouse, I tell you now not to minimize Google+.  People that have been around the Internet since the early 90’s and Internet Marketers totally understand what I am saying. The youngin’s may not understand so let me provide a few facts.

Search is now dominated and OWED by Google, which has traditional Google search which remains the #1 avenue to search and YouTube which is #2 in search.  So, when we go online we automatically go to Google, the same goes for video and YouTube. If I started naming the additional services that Google provides, I would be typing forever and you all would probably get caught reading this while you’re suppose to be working. 🙂  We all know that Google is a  force to be reckoned with and that they are practically unstoppable in Search. We also know that past attempts at Social Media were not so successful.

Social Media as we know it is relatively new and has really taken off beyond anything that we could ever imagine. Zuckerberg is, I’m sure even surprised by the way in which people have embraced Facebook. So needless to say, I’m sure Google had a “What the Hell” moment for quite a while. A huge powerhouse like Google had to be reeling at the popularity of Facebook and the shift in the attention toward Facebook and away from search.  As most powerhouses go, they could not allow the shift away from their platform, so Google came up with an answer. They initially, failed horribly and tried to answer again, and I’m sure to their surprise were again reeling at the continued failure at moving into the elusive Social Media Marketing that Facebook had continued to dominate.

So the “regroup and game on” movement started with Google moving into the realm of social media. The first power move on the part of Google that was pretty much minimized by most, was the addition of the +1. People were like what the heck???  However as a strategic marketer and person that has continued to acknowldege and admire the brilliance behind Google I stored the +1 in the back of my mind, knowing somehow that it would indeed be important. Internet users and marketers became accustomed to seeing the +1 along side of the “LIKE” the we all just LOVE.

Then all of a sudden BAM, (yes I just said BAM 🙂 ) Google pushes out Google+ , Internet Marketers and most industry people that have been around since the 90’s recognized the power play and scrambled to be a part of the new social platform. Early adopters moved toward Google plus with purpose, set up their space  and recognized history in the making. Yes I am being very dramatic!  Think about this, Social was the last area in which Google had NOT dominated, now they push out Google+ and it is NOT a failure like past attempts.

Google had a chance to work through the failed social attempts, analyze what is working with different social platforms, what is failing with others and build upon that knowledge to create the social media platform of the future. Yes I said it!

As a strategic thinker you MUST think about the big picture Google search, YouTube, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Blogger, Google Chrome, Google Chrome Books, Picasso and more.  The +1’s are now integrated into Google+, The +1  will be showing up in search results, Google+  is fully integrated into Search and I anticipate more Google Services to be integrated into Google+. Just picture some of the service that we know of, integrated into one platform. It would be like Facebook on steroids.  Imagine accessing your computer, having access to your friends, all of your Google Services, Video and more easily at your fingertips in one platform. Most importantly, as a Internet Marketer or business owner, consider the integration of your social media engagement factoring into the elusive search algorithm. This is what Google+ has the potential to bring to its users.

None of this is said to minimize the importance of Facebook because I think its a very important social media platform and I think it will continue to play a huge role in engagement and social interaction. However I believe that Google+ is the future of Social Media, with the merging of the power of all Google products/services, search and social.  The future of the Internet is Social Search and Google+ IS SOCIAL SEARCH.
Google Plus IS Social Search
Take a look at the chart below, this will give you and idea of how HUGE  Google is, the amazing acquisitions they’ve made and how powerful a platform these acquisitions could make if only a portion of them were integrated within the Google+ platform.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again, do NOT make the mistake of focusing so much attention on Facebook, Twitter and the other popular social media platforms that you ignore or minimize this powerful social platform in the making. Facebook is the present, but Google+ could very well be the future.

Acquisitions: Provided by Wikipedia

Number Acquisition date Company Business Country Value (USD) Used as, integrated with
1 February 12, 2001 Deja Usenet  USA Google Groups [1]
2 September 20, 2001 Outride Web search engine  USA Google Personalized Search(iGoogle) [2]
3 February 2003 Pyra Labs Weblog software  USA Blogger [3]
4 April 2003 Neotonic Software Customer relationship management  USA Google GroupsGmail [4]
5 April 2003 Applied Semantics Online advertising  USA $102,000,000 AdSenseAdWords [5]
6 September 30, 2003 Kaltix Web search engine  USA iGoogle [6]
7 October 2003 Sprinks Online advertising  USA AdSenseAdWords [7]
8 October 2003 Genius Labs Blogging  USA Blogger [8]
9 May 10, 2004 Ignite Logic HTML editor  USA Google Sites [9]
10 July 13, 2004 Picasa Image organizer  USA PicasaBlogger [10]
11 September 2004 ZipDash Traffic analysis  USA Google Maps for Mobile [11]
12 October 2004 Where2 Map analysis  AUS Google Maps [12]
13 October 27, 2004 Keyhole, Inc Map analysis  USA Google MapsGoogle Earth [13]
14 March 28, 2005 Urchin Software Corporation Web analytics  USA Google Analytics [14]
15 May 12, 2005 Dodgeball Social networking service  USA Google Latitude [15]
16 July 2005 Reqwireless Mobile browser  CAN Google Mobile [16]
17 July 7, 2005 Current Communications Group Broadband Internet access  USA $100,000,000 Internet backbone [17]
18 August 17, 2005 Android Mobile software  USA $50,000,000 est.[18] Android [19]
19 November 2005 Skia Graphics software  USA AndroidGoogle Chrome [20]
20 November 17, 2005 Akwan Information Technologies Search Engines  BRA Internet backbone [21]
21 December 27, 2005 Phatbits Widget engine  USA Google Desktop [22]
22 December 31, 2005 allPAY GmbH Mobile software  GER Google Mobile [23]
23 December 31, 2005 bruNET GmbH Mobile software  GER Google Mobile [23]
24 January 17, 2006 dMarc Broadcasting Advertising  USA $102,000,000 AdSense [24]
25 February 14, 2006 Measure Map Weblog software  USA Google Analytics [25]
26 March 9, 2006 Upstartle Word processor  USA Google Docs [26]
27 March 14, 2006 @Last Software 3D modeling software  USA Google Sketchup [27]
28 April 9, 2006 Orion Web search engine  AUS Google Search [28]
29 June 1, 2006 2Web Technologies Online spreadsheets  USA Google Spreadsheet [29][30]
30 August 15, 2006 Neven Vision Germany GmbH Computer vision (Face detectionFacial recognition system)  GER Picasa & Google Goggles [31]
31 October 9, 2006 YouTube Video sharing  USA $1,650,000,000 YouTube [32][33]
32 October 31, 2006 JotSpot Web application  USA Google Sites [34]
33 December 18, 2006 Endoxon Mapping  CHE $28,000,000 Google Maps [35]
34 February 16, 2007 Adscape In-game advertising  USA $23,000,000 AdSense [36]
35 March 16, 2007 Trendalyzer Statistical software  SWE Google Analytics [37]
36 April 17, 2007 Tonic Systems Presentation program  USA Google Docs [38]
37 April 19, 2007 Marratech Videoconferencing  SWE $15,000,000 Google Talk [39]
38 April 13, 2007 DoubleClick Online advertising  USA $3,100,000,000 AdSense [40][41][42]
39 May 11, 2007 GreenBorder Computer security  USA Google Chrome [43]
40 June 1, 2007 Panoramio Photo sharing  ESP Panoramio [44]
41 June 3, 2007 FeedBurner Web feed  USA $100,000,000 FeedBurner [45]
42 June 5, 2007 PeakStream Parallel processing  USA Server (computing) [46]
43 June 19, 2007 Zenter Presentation program  USA Google Docs [47]
44 July 2, 2007 GrandCentral Voice over Internet Protocol  USA $45,000,000 Google Voice [48][49]
45 July 20, 2007 ImageAmerica Aerial photography  USA Google Maps [50]
46 July 9, 2007 Postini Communications security  USA $625,000,000 Gmail [51]
47 September 27, 2007 Zingku Social networking service  USA Google Mobile [52]
48 October 9, 2007 Jaiku Microblogging  FIN Google Mobile [53]
49 July 30, 2008 Omnisio Online video  USA $15,000,000 YouTube [54]
50 September 12, 2008 TNC (Tatter and Company) Weblog software  KOR Blogger [55]
51 August 5, 2009 On2 Video compression  USA $133,000,000 WebM & YouTube [56]
52 September 16, 2009 reCAPTCHA Security  USA Google Books [57]
53 November 9, 2009 AdMob Mobile advertising  USA $750,000,000 [58]
54 November 9, 2009 Gizmo5 Voice over Internet Protocol  USA $30,000,000 Google Talk [59]
55 November 23, 2009 Teracent Online advertising  USA AdSense [60]
56 December 4, 2009 AppJet (EtherPad) Collaborative real-time editor  USA Google WaveGoogle Docs [61]
57 February 12, 2010 Aardvark Social search  USA $50,000,000 Aardvark [62]
58 February 17, 2010 reMail Email Search  USA Gmail [63]
59 March 1, 2010 Picnik Photo Editing  USA $5,000,000 Picasa [64][65]
60 March 5, 2010 DocVerse Microsoft Office files sharing site  USA $25,000,000 Google Docs [66]
61 April 2, 2010 Episodic Online video platform start-up  USA YouTube [67]
62 April 12, 2010 PlinkArt Visual search engine Mobile start-up  UK Google Goggles [68]
63 April 20, 2010 Agnilux Server technology start-up  USA [69]
64 April 27, 2010 LabPixies Gadgets  ISR [70]
65 April 30, 2010 BumpTop Desktop environment  CAN $30,000,000 Android [71]
66 May 20, 2010 Simplify Media Music syncing  UK Android [72]
67 May 21, 2010 Travel  USA Google [73]
68 June 3, 2010 Invite Media Advertising  USA $81,000,000 DoubleClick [74]
69 July 1, 2010 ITA Software Travel technology  USA $676,000,000 Google Flights [75][76]
70 July 16, 2010 Metaweb Semantic search  USA [77]
71 August 2010 Zetawire Mobile paymentNFC  CAN Android [78]
72 August 4, 2010 Instantiations Java/Eclipse/AJAX Developer Tools  USA Google Web Toolkit [79][80]
73 August 5, 2010 Social gaming  USA $228,000,000 [81]
74 August 10, 2010 Jambool Social Gold payment  USA $70,000,000 [82]
75 August 15, 2010 Visual Search Engine  USA $100,000,000 [83][84]
76 August 30, 2010 Angstro Social networking service  USA [85]
77 August 30, 2010 SocialDeck, Inc. Social gaming  CAN [86]
78 September 13, 2010 Quiksee Online video  ISR $10,000,000 Google Maps [87]
79 September 28, 2010 Plannr Schedule Management  USA Google Calendar [88][89]
80 October 1, 2010 BlindType Touch typing  GRE Android [90][91]
81 December 3, 2010 Phonetic Arts Speech synthesis  UK Google VoiceGoogle Translate [92]
82 December 3, 2010 Widevine Tecnologies DRM  USA Google TV [93]
83 January 13, 2011 eBook Technologies E-book  USA Google Books [94]
84 January 25, 2011 SayNow Voice Recognition  USA Google Voice [95]
85 January 26, 2011 fflick Social networking service  USA $10,000,000 YouTube [96][97]
86 March 1, 2011 Zynamics Security  GER [98][99]
87 March 7, 2011 Price comparison service  UK £37,700,000 Google Advisor [100][101]
88 March 7, 2011 Next New Networks Online video  USA YouTube [102]
89 March 16, 2011 Green Parrot Pictures Digital video  IRL YouTube [103]
90 April 8, 2011 PushLife Service provider  CAN $25,000,000 [104]
91 April 26, 2011 TalkBin Mobile software  USA Android [105]
92 May 23, 2011 Sparkbuy Price comparison service  USA Google Product Search [106]
93 June 3, 2011 PostRank Social media analytics service  CAN [107]
94 June 9, 2011 Admeld Online advertising  USA $400,000,000 DoubleClickInvite Media [108][109]
95 June 18, 2011 SageTV Media Center  USA Google TV [110]
96 July 8, 2011 Punchd Loyalty program  USA Google Wallet [111][112]
97 July 21, 2011 Fridge Social groups  USA Google+ [113]
98 July 23, 2011 PittPatt Facial recognition system  USA Android [114]
99 August 1, 2011 Dealmap One deal a day service  USA Google Offers [115]
100 August 15, 2011 Motorola Mobility Mobile device manufacturer  USA $12,500,000,000 AndroidGoogle TV [116][117]
101 September 7, 2011 Zave Networks Digital coupons  USA Google Offers [118]
102 September 8, 2011 Zagat Restaurant reviews  USA $151,000,000 Google Places [119][120][121]
103 September 19, 2011 DailyDeal One deal a day service  GER $114,000,000 Google Offers [122][123]
104 October 11, 2011 SocialGrapple Social Media analytics service  USA Google+ [124]
105 November 10, 2011 Apture Instantaneous search  USA Google Search [125]
106 November 14, 2011 Katango Social circle organization  USA Google+ [126]

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